My ode entiled the bible is bent


Yes but the bibles’ as bent
As a 12 bob note;
perverted By king james himself
I want to research the Scriptures,
but every website On google,

stinks to high Heaven,

been trying to find David Wiley,

but 404 not Found,

abound, that stinks too

Because of maybe the truth


Then I get another wan ker
From a religious foundation
I read one sentence of
Who are we? Division analysis
Don’t need a magnifier
Divide and conquer everywhere
And they are in the armpit
Of the devil himself; can feel it
Wrote him a big long poem
If anybody’s interested;

don’t Like foundations;

hair stand on end more like.


Gave him a challenge

to step Into the light,

though raining today Sadly,

how much longer will it be
Before replaced by fireballs?
Is it any wonder the states have
700 underground bases,

rains One day in three;

manchester’s Toast,

unless our creator accepts
That gauntlet; I propose
And if you live on the florida coast
Good luck, and the florida keys
Fried in a week, it rains every day


But if it’s the only way to
Userp the evil that permeates
High society, so be it, though
It is so sad, our mother earth
Under attack, who thinks this shit up?
And do they have a conscience?
Doubt it sadly, they have been
Blagged too, as most in this forum
Too pre-concerned about false flag
Hell, when heaven not even a step away

But they have a pair of blinkers
Like red rum around Aintree
They really cannot see the key



Cos their heads in a box, walls abound
What happens to a ball, when you throw
It against a wall; bounces right back
Take the wall away; what happens?
Goes on and on like an Ariston

And was fed up with rebounding
So chose to go straight on instead
So much more fun; lots of freedom
And you create your own future
Because you are a god too,

king James knew the scriptures reflected
This amazing information,

so paid An army of writers,

to re-write in His own image,

which doesn’t fit With anybody,

Comments please

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This information that, you

This information that, you suggest, King James had, and the paid for a re-write:  did Jerome have it when he translated the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures into Latin?  Did Martin Luther have it when he translated the Vulgate into Scripture?  Did John Calvin have it when he sponsored the Geneva Bible?  I am curious How James Stuart had it, but these other scholars did not.

Enjoy effulgent days, and exquisite nights,

unto the exultations of Heaven.


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KIng James had it because he

KIng James had it because he was a 'servant of the bloodline of cain' and the kings and queens of england prior to the Tudors were all in the bloodline of cain; Charlemaigns merovignian crew if you will who rule all of europe to this very day. it was that very same crew who wrote all the scriptutre so of course they had it first.

And the bloodline of cain aka canaanites aka white jews controlled all the scripture, after all, they created christianity for mass mind control.

its all in the name reLIG ion the LIG comes from LIGature, to bind(spiritually) and religion is one of the elites tools for control of the masses, the others being money, secret societies and the media.


The vast majority of the origininal scripture was written in Hebrew. The one thing i have learnt on my journey is that if it was first written in Hebrew or first attributed to Jewry, its more than likely a lie so STICK IT IN THE TRASH. this is in no way an anti-semitic comment cos there are 300 million semites in the world, it is simply the conclusion i have reached following my journey from a sunday school teacher to years of ex-scripture research.


It is also my conclusion that the emerald, babylonian and sumerian tablets, dead sea scrolls, nag hamadi scripture, lost book of enki even, they were also all created by Canaanites to completely control all the narratives out of the middle east over the last 20k years, so what im saying is that NONE of the source material can be trusted a jot.


and how can i be so sure? well Jewry cant even admit they are Canaanites. They cant openly admit that because the Canaanites used to be known as 'the unclean' or 'the devil' because they were conscience free and used to rape women and children in public. of course they couldnt have 'gods chosen people' also being known as 'the devil' so switched horses to hide their murky past! and this providence rears its ugly head to this very day too because Jewry have zero claim to Jerusalem! they have zero claim because that city was founded by the canaanite King of Salem. have a read of this, it explains that point further.

by the way Jerome was a servant of the bloodline of cain so any translation into Latin also must be taken with a pinch of salt.

have a nice day

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Thank you for that summary. 

Thank you for that summary.  Forgive me, but I will continue to believe what I have been taught by scholars who had credentials to back up what they taught me.  




Enjoy effulgent days, and exquisite nights,

unto the exultations of Heaven.


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Taking the last two words of

Taking the last two words of the poem literally, may I ask for some clarification on the twelve lines?

Enjoy effulgent days, and exquisite nights,

unto the exultations of Heaven.


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a while since i wrote it, it

a while since i wrote it, it didnt copy and paste well, i rejigged it as best i can