ciggerettes , 

money and music , 

power and fire , 

pornography ,

philosophy , 

on top of me, 

inside of you ,

can you trust me?




lies , 

loniliness ,consciousness,

treading thy water ,

everyday I'm worse ,

everyday I wake up,

come wander with me love ,

come wander with me ,

away from this sad world ,

come wander with me ,

I came from the sunset ,

I came from the sea,

come wander with me love ,

can you trust me? 

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Irrepressible Sadness

I wake up and think about when I had you next to me

I drive and think of when you wanted to come with.


I try to work, and remember the fun we had painting together.

I try to shed tears yet my eyes have no moisture left

So I choke from my tear ducts taking moisture from my throat.


I go through each day hoping to see you, wanting to hold you

Just wanting to talk, and longing for your touch again.

I need you in my life more than blood to flow through my heart.


You promised never to leave

Although from the start I knew you would.


I tried to part then, to avoid this pain again.

You stopped me and held me, and said you’d never go.


I said that I couldn’t believe that, since I had been so heartbroken before

You promised again, blocking the door

…and I believed you.


Swore up and down that you were there to Stay

Even signed it in blood, you would not go away

…and I believed you.


Yet where are you now, in my time of need?

Where are you now, as I sit here and bleed?


Have you ever really cared?...Will anyone, Can anyone truly care?

For another human being, as the way I have and still do.


I dined you and fed you the best that I could,

And wanted to buy you the life of your dreams.

But you wanted more than my life could give.

So you chose to leave me in search of one finer.


And now we don’t speak, nor even write words

Because of the choices to remain unheard.


Yet try as I might to show you my love,

I have no other option but accepting you leave.


You came to my life as an Angel to save.

Yet left me with a dagger still burning in my heart.

Plain Jane

Don't judge the package,
I'm a troubled kid.
Yes, I'm white and I'm rich,
But life's still a bitch.
I've got a pretty face
But I'm no ace,
Although I look it through cyberspace.
I've got brains,
But they don't help much if you're not sane.
It's hard to explain the inhumane domaine that is my brain;
I constantly sound like I'm on cocaine.
I'm so insane,
That it makes you refrain
From running your fingers though my maine.
Baby, I'm anything but plain.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is actually part of a rap I wrote for a friend awhile back haha


You load of bitches
You are all a bunch of witches
That pure evil jealousy
Can cause you all to be so witchy

Do anyone ever actually just see me
Have you ever taken the time to let things just be
Why be so bitchy towards me
If all I have ever done was only give you honesty

If you all really so badly want to be me
Why don’t you take the time to actually really see reality, that i am only a little worker bee?
I get nothing more than any one of you
In actual fact, I am getting far less that can make anyone blue

But no, all you see is what you want
And you are permanently on the hunt
You load of bitches
You are all a bunch of witches

You are all dark human beings
And may karma fly all of you off on her beautiful wings

written by

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Repulsive Little B****

You lie, you try, to make me cry.
You repulsive little bitch.

Oh how you feel, should not be real,
You repulsive little bitch.

You are fake, and you are quite absurd.
You repulsive little bitch.

Whatever name you try to call me, whatever you try to say I am, I know that it's better than what you truly are,
You repulsive little bitch.

You'd better learn your lesson, and you'd better learn your REAL name, before you begin to drown in your own hate,
You repulsive little bitch.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A strong and repulsive poem.

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Little Girls That Talk Shit ~ !

Random Poems

You jus words to me // trying sting me with ur words like u sum bonchicheta bee // bitch grow up // u see how dat make u look // I eat ur words gargle dem up & spit dem on my notebook // da most u cud do is be annoying to my ear // becuz to it ur jus dat bitch no one wants to hear // so disappear as I cheer with tear & become a imagineer wen ur ass is in yesteryear // u aint no engineer // so stop trying to switch my gear // bitch give up // pull up to da rear // b4 I kill a wild deer // but then again u nothing but a queer reindeer // u need to understand dis a new frontier // so bow down to a cavalier // da king // that pioneer // now I ain't da type of niqqa to disrespect a female // but u gone to far to step on my third rail // so from a hammer to a nail // ur jus a snail on my trial // a quail to a whale // jus another downscale fairytale // drink dat hateraid as I drink from my holy Grail // & watch as u start to unveil into an epic fail // now go on ur knees & kiss my toenail :)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

this poem was directed towards this immature girl that started problems ; but its resolved now

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Grow Up


Did you ever once wish

You could just say my name

No, uh, I bet not

I bet not

I bet you're still like you were

Still hurtin people the same

What a nice thought

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