A Work Of Art

It's remarkable, the strength of a woman.
It's unbelievable, the courage of a woman.
You can't deny the power of a woman..
And it's suffocating, the love of a woman.

Beautiful, sophisticated, mysterious.. a woman is a work of art.
And even when faced with adversities while pursuing her desires, a woman remains as tough as steel.
You can try, but you could never change what's inside a woman's heart,
Cause when a woman loves, she loves for real.

Every man needs a woman by his side,
And every woman deserves to be treated like a queen.
They say life is a beautiful ride, so who better to enjoy it with than a beautiful bride?
In the end, a loyal woman deserves it all..
So if a woman decides to give you her all with no empty promises in between, don't let her fall.

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Lights around that hit the
ground true magnificent
colors fly above me as if it
is a rainbow trying to
greet me with his brightness

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Seasons on a Pond

A drive in the backseat on a snowy winter night
Staring out the frosted pane as the street lights pass
Its a chilled evening and I can see my breath parting my body
My eyes are drawn towards a frozen pond
The flakes float around me and the night doesn't seem so still
In a few months I see it all thawed out
The flora is now in bloom
Little petals float along the water with no purpose but to be watched
In the nights I watch the pond again reflecting the colours of street lamps that accompany it
Filling the darkness and the pond with a cozy hue and almost warmth
I visit the pond another day...
Now the pond shimmers in the sky's palette
But around me, everything is shifting
Its only a matter of time before the pond sees a reset
More months pass and this time the pond has a new face
The decidous neighbours decorate the pond in red and yellow
The wind manipulates time and passes us, dragging the winter with it
Another cycle is here and the pond sees another life

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The world always changes, but something as beautiful and innocent as a pond just repeats. Why can't we just enjoy it?

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You load of bitches
You are all a bunch of witches
That pure evil jealousy
Can cause you all to be so witchy

Do anyone ever actually just see me
Have you ever taken the time to let things just be
Why be so bitchy towards me
If all I have ever done was only give you honesty

If you all really so badly want to be me
Why don’t you take the time to actually really see reality, that i am only a little worker bee?
I get nothing more than any one of you
In actual fact, I am getting far less that can make anyone blue

But no, all you see is what you want
And you are permanently on the hunt
You load of bitches
You are all a bunch of witches

You are all dark human beings
And may karma fly all of you off on her beautiful wings

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Leave Me Forgotten,Think of Me No More.

My Love

Life, Love, Truth
Beautiful things giv’n me in my youth
But I wasted them all away.


Your love, your eyes, your kiss
All of the things that I miss
But I never made you stay.


Glances, chances, charm
Who knew they could bring such harm?
I left your spirit to soar.


Death, time, rotten,
Please leave me forgotten,
Think of me no more.

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Your Smile

Your smile,
The smile that my eyes crave for
Always yearning for another day
Another chance for these eyes to feast upon
Such a glorious sight

Your smile,
The smile that makes this fragile, little heart
Beat with passion, so strongly and furiously
And with fear, so softly and weak
All at the same time

Your smile,
All I ever need is but a glance
To calm the storms in my soul
Rid the demons in my head
And ease this troubled mind

Your smile,
Would need hundreds of pages
Filled with beautiful words
And structured in perfect lines
Just to be described

Your smile,
The smile that my eyes would yearn for
As I lay there cold and brittle
Gasping for my last few breaths of air
A perfect last sight

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Random Burst of Beauty

At true moments of beauty I become entranced within the moment and become one with pureness of it

Beauty can be totally random and unexpected.

I went out into my garage, turned on the light and opened the door which lead to the back yard..

And for some strange reason the light flickered into a dim calming haze...

It wasn't the artificial yellow glow of most the light bulbs in the house..

It was more of a natural flowing moonlight, calming and pure..

It only lit up a small area and I was in the center...

I noticed that the air was fresh...moist but not humid..

It had stormed all day...

It was now resting..

I could hear the sky breathing...

The sky was a grayish purple, lit up by the moon..

So perfect...

I soon forgot about where I was, and why I was there, and what I was doing..

And I stared and absorbed the beauty of the moment..

In a trance I could feel the energy flowing around me..

It was so peaceful and calming..

The random burst of beauty, and energy from the simplest things lasted about
10 minutes...

But it will be permanently imprinted within my mind forever..

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Another Day Done

Hold your head up high; catch the rain drops falling from the sky.
Feel the warmth off the sun when another day’s hard work is done. Enjoy the leaves blowing across the green grass; time will pass by so fast.
Inhale the fresh clean smell after the rain fall; it is another beautiful day after all
There are always better days to come, the key is to look forward to getting the worst days done.

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Dear You, Yes You.

Dear you,

Yes you reading this.
I know you are going through some terrible challenges and pain.
Some days you may not want to even get out of bed, brush your teeth, go to work/school.
But you should know, you are loved.

You are born with nothing, and you will leave with nothing besides love.
There are people that live to see you smile every day.

You can look at your challenge as if it’s a wall or a mountain.
If it’s a wall, you're stuck behind it, helpless.
If it's a mountain, you can keep climbing higher and higher till you reach your goal.
Please view every challenge as a mountain, and keep on growing and getting stronger.

You deserve to be happy,

You are beautiful,

I love you.

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If any of you need help, I am here for you.