Painful Reality





Roses in a vase, he received from his true love,

Forced by an armed hand, to pretend to some other his love,

Oh how painful, I feel your sorrow, cutting like a knife,

Please know when you associate in waters so rancid

It will bring you nothing but strife.


"Your roses gave me comfort", he told me,

"Upon my darkest hours,

My heart is yours forever, my love,

Through all the worst of our showers."


Reality can be alarming, but hope is always close,

If it was truly love it will leave you with a ghost,

Take the ghost and make it all the good things that you shared,

Learn the lessons, and if you do

another chance with the next person might keep you spared.


For love is the great teacher, if we only take it's hand,

We cannot learn what love can teach, from a woman or a man,

We have to stand our ground so firmly in integrity and faith,

And never be fooled into thinking that love will be given 

Through you helping to foster someone else's disgrace.


3:28 PM 7/15/2013 ©



Author's Notes/Comments: 

a story about roses i bought my love in his darkest hours

beautiful tragedies






to live life within the virtue of hope,

much easier done, 

when there is no one to help you cope,

living every day 

under an umbrella of protection,

gives you no hope at all,

it just feeds a lack of introspection,

but fall into the darkness,

of being bound and blindfolded,

with a gun at your head,

not knowing if you'll survive,

hope rises from the depths 

of a soul meant to be here,

and when the trauma is healed,

you know you're meant to be alive,

like milk that is warmed,

with all the right stuff,

hope rose to the top,

and taught me hope, 

brings more than enough,

hold a grateful heart,

always conscience as your guide,

but if you face desperation,

make sure hope is at your side,

all in our lives,

happens to us for a good reason,

as long as you do your best,

your healing will find it's season.





5:57 PM 7/13/201 ©



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You're Beautiful

You're beautiful

Like the changing leaves 

Signaling the start of fall.

You're beutiful

Like when the light is leaving the sky

With purples, pinks, oranges, and blues.

You're beautiful

Like the first snow of winter

Unblemished and purely white.

You're beautiful

Like the ocean waves

Spilling onto the sandy shore.

You're beautiful is a phrase

That makes a smile light up my face

Everytime I hear it.



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The Subconcious Parting Gift

Have you ever experienced a moment of death?

A moment some may believe to be dreadful,



The thing is, it's not.

In fact it's quite the opposite.

Never can there be another moment in life as beautiful,

as warm,

as blissful.

Never in life can you experience a moment that truly shows the bond between you and your own body.

Your body, something you disregard,

Thinking you have complete control over it.

But it works on its own.

Separate from yourself.

It protects you.

Relieves you in your final moments.

It takes your mind away from the pain.

Sits you down and and explains this is it.

If anyone else but your own body were to explain, you wouldn't except it.

You would deny it.

Only your own body can bring that wave of relief.

Only your body can show you comfort in that moment.

Only your body can help you find acceptance in your fate.


It will bring you to a dream,

Where you can look back and laugh on all your memories,

Because only your body has been through everything you have.

Feels what you have felt,

Shares all your strengths and pains.

It can show you all the “what ifs” and any future you would have desired to live out.

It brings you the peace of mind you need as you part ways and move on to whatever may come next.


It could be on to greater things,

Or it could be on to an eternal nothingness.

This may be why our body helps us in such a way.

They don't know where we may be going,

But they help us experience the greatest moment of our lives as a parting gift.

A congratulations because you will find out what truly comes after life,

Something our body, which we spend our entire lives with, can not accompany us to.


In this moment, you and your body meet for the first time.

A moment where you can truly meet yourself.

You've known each other all your life yet never have you had the moment to meet until that time comes.

And it leaves you with a warm embrace.

A feeling that I can not even attempt to describe.

Then you're on your way.

It all starts and ends in just a brief moment.

The most beautiful moment of life.


- The Lazarus

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another piece that has to do with the body's subconscious and how powerful it truly is. I think I'm going to make a new series out of these scientific poems I've been writing.

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Swimming Eyes

I want to swim in your eyes,

ride each wave,

taste each salty tear. 
I want to be dragged beneath the surface

and witness everything you've ever seen.
What you see as beautiful,

what you see as sorrow,

what you saw yesterday,

what you'll see tomorrow,

I want to be there,

watching from your eyes,

riding each wave,

tasting each salty tear.  

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I know I write a lot about all the things money can provide,
like material items and not what I'm inspired by.
Having dreams and a keen intuition provided by
All the times that I failed but I'm still willing to try to fly.
I'd be telling a lie,
If it ever compares to this
So many times I condoned when my actions were intricate

I know I don't wan't to be stressed,
I don't wan't to live a lot,
I just wan't to live my life without it being criticized,
there's a soft spot on my heart I tend to solidify
cause I don't wan't to live if I see hatred through either eye
I don't wan't attention just want to be left alone,
plus every challenge that I face, I use as a stepping stone
I don't need anybody's guidance I can live with my mistakes
I may not know just where I'm headed but I'll make it there safe.

A lot of times I'm feeling exposed and laughed at,
but in my mind I'll still be in control.
It's a heavy burden for a young soul
All of which I'm more intact hoping the universe can help me weather the storm.

Please correct me if I'm wrong,
But isn't life a question in which the answer is left alone?

And so I write these thoughts down not knowing if I'm truly right,
but it's what's left in my mind that'll give me a better sight.
A better life,
not just for me but for every life,
since selfish doesn't apply to the process
Metaphorically speaking we all can fly just acknowledge your progress.

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A Work Of Art (pt. 3)

Have you ever seen a true beautiful woman?
I'm talking internal and external beauty. A woman as hot as Uganda but also as sweet as Fanta.. that's true beauty.
But until I give you an example of a woman with such attributes, my point won't be proven,
So let me tell you about a woman named Amanda.. with true beauty.

Beautiful enough to drive you crazy..
Beautiful enough to make your heart beat cease.
Search for a girl better than her? You couldn't find any..
Because what's better than perfect? Nothing, that's what my point is.

I look at her and all I can do is smile, as in admiring a unique work of art.
But man.. If you got to stand next to her, you'll be smiling like an idiot too.
I swear, she takes the road less traveled straight to my heart.
But that's cool, cause she's the only one I'm happy to let through.

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A Work of Art (Pt. 2)

Crazy, every time I look her in the eyes, she strikes me dumb..
And I'm left frozen by her beauty, giving her my best smile, even though I'm at my worst and falling apart.
With every word she speaks to me, I catch myself staring at her lips, still wondering where she came from,
Because there's no way in hell a typical human being could've given birth to such work of art.

Everything around you starts to move in slow motion in her presence,
And you can try to approach her but with your legs not moving fast enough, you can't do much but admire from afar.
And even if you developed some thougts and tried to speak, nothing will come out but silence,
Because she's the kind of woman that walks by and leaves your mouth ajar.

Unique, there can only be one of her.. even a mirror wouldn't display her reflection.
She turns heads, leaves you weak, and unable to speak.. every day she remains at her finest.
You can look and try to find her flaws but it is without question, this woman is pure perfection,
And even when things start to look a litte cloudy, she continues to shine bright like diamonds.

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Twitter: @Wo_ozz

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Dreaming Beauty

Dreaming Beauty
You are so beautiful,
So pure and distinct,
So fiery yet so cold,
So far away yet you feel so close,
Why are you here but not here?
Your warmth reaches me,
Millions of years have passed,
But your passion is seemingly still strong,
I envy your courage, your patience
Your everlasting brilliance of light,
I dream of meeting you,
Of holding you,
Of basking in your natural perfection,
But it is a dream,
Separated forever by time and space,
We have our positions in reality,
I only wish we coincided,
But dreams are my reality,
So together we shall stay,
Your heat keeps me warm,
My life verifies your existence,
Let us dance in the twilight,
To the end of time,
Your shining beauty shall be mine

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