Exceptionally Beautiful

Love Poems

Oh tender hearts we both display,
a love so innocent yet impossible to explain
Your warmth and memory present despite the distance refrain,
love after you darling, never again

Eyes set on you never to be repealed from view,
for darling your presence blocks everything but you
Memories and falls my heart may have withdrawn,
but your sight reveals my spirit's illuminating dawn

Beauty in your eyes, grace in you act,
oh dear lady, driven insane i am in fact
That every sense I perceive of you,
is another universe from where my heart ceaselessly flew

Despite its glory of wielding the mystery of a dark night,
the most wondrous of eyes you possess shine in unfathomed forms of light
Its instant blink is when my world falls to astray,
its opening again shines all my worldly worries away

Why live if life without your life is lifeless,
why breathe if breath without your scent is without oder,
how feel if idleness my heart suffers in your absence,
how strive when lost is the motive of having you impressed,
what to think if the images without you are but of the purest torment,
hyperbole tis' not, is written from the drops of a pouring heart,
If thy read this, then thee shan't need consider tis' a love's plead,
but darling know that until our hearts be met, mine will surely bleed

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hope u enjoy :)

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The wise wooden bookshelf

I remember how enthusiastic he gets whenever he wants to read a book, and how his eyes open wide whenever he sees such the simple rectangular shape of the book. If I were his sense of smell, I would swear that I would like the smell of old books. If I were his sense of sight, I would affirm that I would like any shadow of any book projected on the table. He tells me with a smile on his face that he has loved books and knowledge since he was a kid. He studied and read on the roof of his house every afternoon until a faint ray of light announced the arrival of the moon and nighttime. He doesn’t like to throw out his books. Instead he keeps them on the bookshelf in order to have them protected like a pearl inside its shell. Whenever he wants to read something, he goes directly to the bookshelf, and because he knows how the books are put in order he doesn’t spend a lot of time searching. I observe his behavior when he’s near the presence of the books, and he seems to be happy in the moment he opens them. Hundreds of small letters written on white paper and elaborated drawings every second page he understands and knows as if they were very old friends. He orders his books according to their size and thickness, but he never orders them according to the color of the cover. At home and in his office, not only are his bookshelfs always full of papers, documents and books, but he also keeps CD’s there of his favorite music. He loves to show me everything he has there, as if to explain to me that if someday I want to see something about his life, I can find almost everything there I want to know. I remember him reading books in front of his bookshelf for hours, and it seemed that his only moments of distraction were when he stood up from his chair to find another book on the bookshelf. He takes care of it as if it was trunk filled with treasures, so he tries to check that every book is placed there, cleaned and organized. My father also takes care of it as if it was a time machine that transports him to the past of what he has read and that will transport him to the future of what he will learn. This wooden shell of a bookshelf will show us my father’s memories and pieces of his whole life written on paper. My father loves books.


You are beautiful
Beautiful in your own way
Know life is only at the peek
Peek of the life you see
You know who you are
A beautiful strong young lady
Success is in your future
Look forward to life
Life as a proud beautiful lady
It might rain but you have an umbrella
After a rainy day isn’t guaranteed a rainbow
But it’s always the smell of fresh air
Sitting and looking at god’s creation
It’s beautiful
Beautiful it is
God makes no mistake in his life
You are not a mistake
You are beautiful
These bitter words you have been told are only a test
It’s hard but just study
Don’t cry from what you have been told
You are beautiful young lady
Gods own creation
So young lady smell the fresh air
Always know you are beauty

Author's Notes/Comments: 

we all need help i thought this would help younger lady's

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For Her

She is beautiful
She is beautiful with make up on
She is beautiful without it on
She is beautiful when she isn't smiling
She is beautiful when she is smiling
She is beautiful when she is smirking
She is beautiful on the inside
She is beautiful on the outside
Her hair is perfect
Oh, she is beautiful

I love making her smile
I love your smile.
Oh, how I love her just as she is

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Passions of the Heart

Just a thought!

Passions of the Heart

My heart, a deluge, consumed by distant passion
A deity, forgiving in nature, her glow, confessing innocents
This Angel of Friendship defines my every thought
Past suffering, healed by Devine intervention
Her heart weeps with mixed emotion
Peace and serenity in her bosom, only love in her gaze
Beautiful creature, crying out with lustful endeavors
Taking my soul in a sensuous embrace
Breathless and overcome, she submits
To a moment of concealed passion
Trembling and taxed, she welcomes my touch with her eyes
Spilling from her lid, a soft teardrop glistens
We are entwined, our thoughts holding the other
Passionate hearts…Awaiting stolen moments

            by Barry Anderson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

What dreams are made of'

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