Exceptionally Beautiful

Love Poems

Oh tender hearts we both display,
a love so innocent yet impossible to explain
Your warmth and memory present despite the distance refrain,
love after you darling, never again

Eyes set on you never to be repealed from view,
for darling your presence blocks everything but you
Memories and falls my heart may have withdrawn,
but your sight reveals my spirit's illuminating dawn

Beauty in your eyes, grace in you act,
oh dear lady, driven insane i am in fact
That every sense I perceive of you,
is another universe from where my heart ceaselessly flew

Despite its glory of wielding the mystery of a dark night,
the most wondrous of eyes you possess shine in unfathomed forms of light
Its instant blink is when my world falls to astray,
its opening again shines all my worldly worries away

Why live if life without your life is lifeless,
why breathe if breath without your scent is without oder,
how feel if idleness my heart suffers in your absence,
how strive when lost is the motive of having you impressed,
what to think if the images without you are but of the purest torment,
hyperbole tis' not, is written from the drops of a pouring heart,
If thy read this, then thee shan't need consider tis' a love's plead,
but darling know that until our hearts be met, mine will surely bleed

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Hope u enjoy :)

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