No, not diamonds, emeralds are much more fitting.

Emeralds dancing under an endless blaze,

Sparkling in the light while shining in the shadows.

A complex ballet of both strength and love.


…and pain.

Sorrow and Distraught. Anguish drawn from years of

Frustration. Get the lights, lock the door.

Observe, partake, change, leave.


Be it the pain, strength, or loneliness,

Eyes worth millions tell stories in silence.

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Diamonds in the rough

Another class act, opposites detract

My poor brain, the always speeding train


Let you me sing you praises, write your rainchecks

So kick me in the mind, won't you?

I'll take the long road

Burned out and refreshed once again

My lovesick impending implosion

Envy you


Sometimes I wanna give it all away ... or maybe just throw it astray

Light a light life in this insane world

Understand this safest choice

At my most beautiful, misunderstood


You're like a diamond in the rough

Shiny surfaces, just drilling on through

Maw and bone

Right down to my wanting soul


Intentions wane, like a tetanus shot stain

Save me from this stale mediocrity ache, with both eyes wide and awake

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Just For Fun

I never knew I could want something so much

Or someone so strong

As I did you

Sparkling beauty like diamonds in the sun

Light skin and dark eyes

Lovely to behold and dark within

How could I know how this would end

I gave you everything

I grew intoxicated on your kiss

And then

You sucked the life out of me

And left me cold


I never had a chance

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A Work of Art (Pt. 2)

Crazy, every time I look her in the eyes, she strikes me dumb..
And I'm left frozen by her beauty, giving her my best smile, even though I'm at my worst and falling apart.
With every word she speaks to me, I catch myself staring at her lips, still wondering where she came from,
Because there's no way in hell a typical human being could've given birth to such work of art.

Everything around you starts to move in slow motion in her presence,
And you can try to approach her but with your legs not moving fast enough, you can't do much but admire from afar.
And even if you developed some thougts and tried to speak, nothing will come out but silence,
Because she's the kind of woman that walks by and leaves your mouth ajar.

Unique, there can only be one of her.. even a mirror wouldn't display her reflection.
She turns heads, leaves you weak, and unable to speak.. every day she remains at her finest.
You can look and try to find her flaws but it is without question, this woman is pure perfection,
And even when things start to look a litte cloudy, she continues to shine bright like diamonds.

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In the rough
Beautiful but tough
They stay hidden in the
Bluff. Crying to be found, don’t
Want to stay lost in the ever-cold ground
"Does she remember me?" One little one asks
"She was my God, my tourniquet, she once saved me from
This place down here." The diamonds cry, wanting out
Of that place down under. They ask to be mined, to
See day-light like they had when that little
Girl had dug them up. They stay hidden
In the Bluff. Beautiful but tough.
They stay underground in
The rough. They yearn
For remembrance
They yearn for the-
ir Tourniquet

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