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Verse 1:

When all is said and done,

I cannot help but think

Of our memories together.

Those were the moments 

That made my heart tremble.



Tell me, I'm dreaming.

Since the day you let without saying goodbye,

Everything has changed.

We broke up yet

I still never knew the reasons why.


Verse 2:
Where ever I go

Pieces of you are still with me.

I'd do anything for you

If only to make you realize

That we were meant to be.


Do you remember the day we met?

I still remember it,

Those words your promised me.

Why did you let me go?

I love you so much, so much that it hurts.



All I know, All I know is that

Our future plans together went out the window.

All I know is that I'm not over you.

All I know is that I love you.

I love you so much that it hurts. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Song about an ex that you're still not over. Written November 13, 2016.


Verse 1:

This may be the end of us.

Can I be your memory/

Though, I know you're so far away,

Wanting you is driving me insane.


You're in everyone I see.

Where ever I go, your face appears.

Whenever you look at me,

You smile without noticiing.

You've fallen for me.


Verse 2:
And just lke that,

Our love began coincidentally.

Why can't you be brave like the others?

Just approach me and start a conversation.

You're so far away.



You don't have to fear this love.

This love saves us.

Don't waste your time.

There won't be any second chances.

Are you scared of losing so much?



I can see no one but you.

Though, I know you're far away.

These thoughts and feelings

Won't be able to reach you now. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Based on "It's You (English Subtitles)" by Neon Bunny. It's an indie Korean electrco-pop song. 


Verse 1: All of my life's existence,

             I've come to long for you.

             If only you could see that

             We're perfect for each other:


Verse 2: We didn't miss out.

             Family emergencies, death by cancer,

             We'll rush together to find each other.

             Never been kissed but awaiting it.


Bridge: It's time to move on.

           Moving on, I try not to lose it all

           'Cause I've already did like a river.

            In the time that flows, I'm a heartbreaker.


Chorus: What happened to us?

             We were and still are destined to be together forever.

             I'll take this chance and risk it all in a glance.

             For, you, you are my heartbeat, my life's memory.


Last-Chorus: The soundtrack to our love, our ending, and oour lives.

                    Got to take a shot to make things right this time.

                    Watch it burn, set fire to tsunamis...

                    'Cause tonight, I'm eternally your's to keep.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this about 2+ years back about finding what many refer to as "the one". Lately, most of my songs have been about love but some aren't so I'm not sure what to think about that. I can't read some of my own writing (many people say it's messy and that I have doctor's writing) so sorry, if some things in the song don't make sense. I'll eventually update the page at: http://www.ohtheirony1989.bandcamp.com once I compose songs on guitar to mix/master those songs (long time coming). More songs (sung acapcella) on the bandcamp page. I'm still learning guitar at my own pace as I juggle college...