a sad love poem


A broken man that's what I am won't shed a tear nor give you a hand.


A broken man that's what I am seeking for love but you won't understand.


If u do understand my pain this poem is for you and for those who feel the same for those who shed a tear and there always to blame for those who said I need you but they walked away for those who said I love you but never felt the same and for those who gave them there heart but they just threw it away.


A broken man that's what I am looking for love won't give a guy a chance judging how you look and judging were you stand.


Don't judge a book by its cover wen you don't know the story they carry in there hands.


Now broken here we stand looking for love and someone to hold our hand but unfortunately love is called games or pain,sex and a one night stand. 


Broken believing lies they say and some people now in days blame the person in which they are with today not letting go of the past not relising it makes you stronger but blaming the person they are with wen they only try to heal your pain and make you even stronger.


Now again broken we walk wondering wen this pain will stop wen will we find the right person and stay happily in love.


We patiently wait for the time to come. not knowing wen it will be but having faith it will come.

Now we are here waiting,wondering,thinking but broken inside looking at the world wondering if your still alive waiting like the answer will fall from the sky thinking people are better but no one has showed me otherwise.


That's how most people feel but I will sit here now broken inside patiently waiting for that moment to come.


A broken man that's what I am waiting for love am sure you understand.



psalm 37:4


Author's Notes/Comments: 


psalm 37:4

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I'm down ten feet below

Drowning in just one blow

Feels like I have been cut

Fooled myself just too much


I scratch  thoughts I always knew

So I'm all alone so soon

I think life is like that

Knowing this makes me sad


Here I was again giving all I had

Sometimes I knew I was trying so hard

Diverting all the attention

Until I'd go to detention


God, I always end up alone

Nothing's glaring at my phone

I tried a million times

They never turned out nice


As hopeful as I could get

So, I am lonesome in my bed

Crumbled like a paper mess

So much for being honest


I don't want to wake alone again

I hope and pray all will turn out well

That God will answer the prayers sent

I still wonder wherever they went

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was what I thought about when I was in my room "ALONE"

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Messed It All Up


I messed it all up
I don't care if I'm right
I don't think I can fight
I wrecked them all up

I'm sorry for my sins
Forgive me for my deeds
I don't care if I live
At least I told you these

Please give me beam of light
I beg you on my knees
Just want to go home white
Swim on the purple seas

I'll wait for you all night
I'll buy you glass of wine
Just let me see the sunshine
In peace, I'll say goodbye

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"MESSED IT ALL UP" tells about being repentant and remoarseful about something you've done and you just want them to know that you've realized you're wrong.

Last Chance

When we are together this word stops
When we are together, I feel like I can fly
When we are together our love is un-breakable
But when we are apart, my world starts to crumble
Without you my wings are shattered
And without you, I know I’ll be miserable at best
So promise me you will stay forever
Promise you will never cause heartache again
Because you kill me when you act the way you do



Babe every time that we part

You leave another scratch on my heart

What am I to do when it gets too much?

Am I to leave or keep using your love as a crutch?

Now do not get me wrong my love for you is true

If I was to lose it, I do not know what I would do

But when I really need your love you are never there

Am I just too heavy a burden for you to bear?

I know I ask for to much when I ask for your love

A broken hand does not deserve a velvet glove

Still I love you though I know it is wrong

Inside of your world, I know I do not belong

But still Babe every time that we part

You leave another scratch on my heart



Would you catch me if I fall for you?

Would you let me hit the ground?

Would you let my heart just shatter?

Would you just thank me for coming around?

Do you understand how much I love you?

Do you even care for me at all?

Will you just stand there and watch me?

Will you even try to catch me if I fall?

How is it that love can be so blind?

Neither one of us can be able to see

How much I am hurting you

How much you are hurting me

Is it something in your eyes?

Is it deep in your heart I can read?

Is it the reality that lies in you?

Is your love underneath what I conceive?

I feel my love for you coming to an end

I can only cry so many tears until I am dry

I am still going to fall to see if you catch me

Are you just going to let my love for you die?


I love listening to
A song of love and parting
Called "Round Midnight"
Sung by Linda Ronstadt.

Her voice gives life
To the lyrics of the song
And floods my eyes with tears
Every time, round midnight!

Living without the beloved,
And remembering the times,
When life had a meaning,
Beautiful and unending;
Can become a daily torture,
And drive one to the verge
Where nothing matters at all.

This is all the more true
Especially for pining lovers,
Mourning for their beloved,
Like me... round midnight.

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I meet you, with low expectations
looking for cheap thrills, and exciting nights.
But you smiled at me with realness,
And had love in your sights.
I was just a boy then
And didn’t know how to accept
But I put on my fake smile,
Not knowing what to except.
we were like kids again,
life suddenly seemed fun.
It felt like us against the world
And we were on the run.
But her feelings were true
To her I was the one.
Back then I was a boy
Just trying to have fun.
And so our plight began.
Down to earth we fell.
Then I knew I loved her
My heart could tell
But she was gone
And alone I stood
To think and wonder
If ever love again, I would?


love not forgotten, imperfect yet pure
sent to earth for a broken hearts cure.
we talked and laughed for hours on end,
til a few days later he said can i be your friend.
i scream and cry because he broke me heart,
after saying i love you, hoping we wouldnt part.
love is blind, seeing not whats ahead.
awaiting the moment when all hope is dead.
those words are hell to all who hear.
bringing pain and feeding on fear.
i try to forget the moment we met,
to block you from my heart feeling regret.
wishing to go back to that moment of awe,
when i looked you in your eyes and seen no flaw.
you had another with the key to your heart,
so i sat and watched as our love fell apart.
broken in pieces knowing we were no more,
was the beginning of heartache and the life you tore.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

wrote this after a breakup

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