{The Willow}


The weeping willow cries for you

Until winter sucks up its breath 
Coming anew is a thorn 
The willow provides shelter
With curiosity of the thoughts below
But cannot hear 
You're beckoning the same melody 
As up above 
If two beings feel pain 
Does it make a sound?
Time replaces all losses
Soon they'll both be at times end 
The clock stopped
Or rather skipped 
The unfortunate end to this tale
Sympathy grew old early 
and passed 
Along with guilt
and remorse 
Providing no new seed 
For the loam below 
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Shade Sprayed


Shade Sprayed

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Rain has ... each leaf sprayed


There aren't rainbows


in the shade

where the sheltered

animals stayed


but rainbows sparkle


where drops have strayed.

-saiom shriver-




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Just For Fun

The day is done

The night has come

The haste is gone

And peace has won

The light, it fades

To evening shades

The harvesters reap

But soon will sleep

The night must prevail

Over hill and dale

So that the sun

Tomorrow can come

And so that time won’t seem so long

I sing to you this evensong

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