brings me more love of my daughter...

Chinese Herbs Of Hu Yi Ping


Chinese Herbs Of Hu Yi Ping

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The Chinese herbs

of Hu Yi Ping

... with new

shakti they sing

within cells

new bells ring

as they




-saiom shriver-



Not far from Bethesda's NIH,  stained with

the blood of innocent animals, beholden to

internationa drug companies, fixed in lies

is a bright path of healing

Other healing methods... ayurvedic medicine, acupuncture, Reiki, chelation,  juicing and vegan diet, yoga, conscious release of the past with forgiveness, feeling energy move in every point of the body, magnets, vitamin C intravenous drips etc.


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The Love Of My Daughter

There is nothing like the love of my daughter this is so true. I see into her and say, I see the very best in you...
In times of joy, and in times of pain, the love of my daughter fills me ecstatically with pride so deep, that its hard to contain, the love just spills out and over flows in my enormous smile, and I thank God for this beautiful woman who once was my child… Bringing the heart felt love that only a loving mother can know…
Then love of my daughter; everyone can see, I know that she took the very best of me, and improve, and enlarged its never ending boundaries. Her love has made my soul to sing, because the love of my daughter means everything wonderful, and any mother could expect every to have...

A priceless blessing such a wonderful from that does not make motherhood seem to have ever been hard...
God, for sure knew just what HE would do when HE blessed me with my daughter who loves me back just as much as I love her.

The love of my daughter I do adore, cherish so deeply to my soul…
The love of my daughter inspires me, a better mother to be...
I wish each and every mother could have a daughter like my daughter who’s love abounds.
No greater love then the love of my daughter could ever on this earth be found…

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Each year that passes, brings me more love of my daughter... Martorah Amy Boggs is the kind of daughter that I know every mother would love to have... She is a marvelous daughter, so full of love for her Ma...

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