Flaming the Green Faerie


  He soaks his cube in Brandy,

Keeping his special spoon handy.

Then Flames upon flames,

Igniting the cube is a dandy.


A drink for the fiend

Tis Bohemian Green,

The chalice,  The Glass,  the tincture.

Sugar cube in,

The louche begins 

And the fairy swims in the nectar.


Drink if you dare to be merry,

Nothing like sipping a Sherry.

For when you cook the Absynthe right

You’ll be a fool of the Faerie.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

More of a recipe tutorial, I suppose..

dont knock it till you try it.

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Illuminated Love

Past I suffered from broken malady,

Something akin to playwright tragedy.

Enduring dire deluge of dwindled inner fire,

Devoid of content and love's desire. 


Trapped in muck in misery's mire,

Alone doth I struggle until I tire. 

At the grasping claws pulling me asunder,

Clasping me, grasping me, dragging me under.


But shineth through midnight's somber gloom,

Cometh the one to lift me, to grant thy boon. 

Wrapped in rays of sweet Luna's bliss,

To set me free with Sol's grand kiss.


Caressing me with loving hands of silk,

To soothe my sorrow bred from merciless ilk.

Glinting glitter glowing from mere glance,

Have fates conspired or is this simple chance?


Stars shineth down rays of divine power,

Dancing, arms spread wide, within celestial shower.

Bathing away impure and past transgression,

Ripening the tree of life within to fruition. 


Salvation beheld at my own expense,

Washing through and over me in warm torrents. 

Cleansing the stains from my dirty soul,

Willing me, guiding me, making me whole.


Devotion and my faith I pledge to you,

Steadfast loyalty in all I now do. 

My heart beats for you now, my beautiful love,

Trusting and truthful soars my peaceful dove.