Traversing the worst terrain
the crust is veined and stained
by the binary brain system,
but I see some distant twisted vistas
colored by crystals,
covered by mystic thistles
with little meteor missiles 
hitting the moons above,
I was in love…
Sad that I 
had this iridescent
event of bliss broken
by the splatter of the Hatter’s 
Mercury Flurries 
upon grey matter,
now the circuitry is in disarray 
and I’m flattered by the way 
you hate me.

Tirelessly Training
maintaining my whole grain insanity,
my humanity,
I’m positive that the cause of it
is this Pearlescent Pear Wine,
it’s the definition of divine.
Please remedy, sit steady,
so ready to recline
and read some lines
to the fading

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'll never get the chance to travel into outer space, but at least we'll always have a deep inner one. ~ Carmello Yello [Alex] 

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this is amazing. eclectic but

this is amazing. eclectic but mesmerizing flow, fancy wording and beautifully tagic premise. I love.

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Thank you you kind fellow!!!

This seriously just made my day! Thank you!


You have an awesome collection built up on this site. I'll definitely dig into those cool depths.

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