Flaming the Green Faerie


  He soaks his cube in Brandy,

Keeping his special spoon handy.

Then Flames upon flames,

Igniting the cube is a dandy.


A drink for the fiend

Tis Bohemian Green,

The chalice,  The Glass,  the tincture.

Sugar cube in,

The louche begins 

And the fairy swims in the nectar.


Drink if you dare to be merry,

Nothing like sipping a Sherry.

For when you cook the Absynthe right

You’ll be a fool of the Faerie.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

More of a recipe tutorial, I suppose..

dont knock it till you try it.

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georgeschaefer's picture

I've had more than one bout

I've had more than one bout with the Jade Goddess.  nice poem.

Beatnik1979's picture

Did it inspire you?

maybe its high Time to revisit her

Beatnik1979's picture

Hey thanks man

i value your time and your read.

it really is something...that Absinthe....


March 5 is national Absinthe day....

to commemorate the repeal of its 90 year prohibition.



Morningglory's picture


The devil served me absynth. I have never consumed it again. (that dude messed with my brains) 

Copyright © morningglory

Beatnik1979's picture


bet he put something in your drink....

that rascal...


shoulda made it yourself 


(see above)

Morningglory's picture

He put something in my head

He put something in my head that's for sure. I'd never made such a thing. He manifested dark things in my reality.

Copyright © morningglory

Beatnik1979's picture

Sounds like a trip

 maybe Huachuma is more you’re cup of tea?

allets's picture

A Tea Drinker

with a bit of cream - nothing flaming. Absinth was prohibited? Oh my. - slc



Morningglory's picture


Huachuma sounds like a spirit journey I would prefer in an sacred setting.

Copyright © morningglory

allets's picture

Read For Half An Hour The History of Absinth(e)

Wow, not a hallucinogen-tested and disproven. High alcohol content 70-150 proof - mixed with water for a reason, sugar enhances flavor. If not green may be amber and okay. The green goddess has been in, then out, and now is legal again - lots of would be concoctions out there with the name, but there is a recipe, a process of aging, distilling is a must!. Apparently, the firing is not a part of the original drink, a fad; the iced  water creates the densing or clouding to a lighter green of the drink (La Louche). The spoons are absolutely artistic.  Still a tea sipper. :D slc