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Sounds like you had fun with this one.

I don't really play an instrument other than hand drum. 

Takes too long to get good enough to play awesome. 

I'm too darned impatient. 




Nice blotter...

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Thank you

very much for checking it out.

hand drum?


very cool indeed.

i have a set of bongos I toy with every now and again...and also a Jembe drum.

i used to be that guy on the beach in the drum circle at dusk...on pier 60

in Clearwater.


i had a great time recording this.

it was inspired by a master who is far greater than I will ever be...

just wanted to see if I could enjoy it’s headspace even if just for a Fleeting second.

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djembe, that's my drum. Still a novice in my own eyes, but when my hands take over and my head shuts off, I can lead a circle into ancient times. If only I could pick up a guitar or banjo and let my fingers take over with a good sound. I need to learn some chords! Not disciplined enough to push through the calous making part of learning. lol. I'll stick to the drum when the moments come. Can always tap along. 

I bought a small drum just before I began my travels. When I hit Venice beach, I was invited by an african drumming group on the boardwalk to play along with them. It was super intimidating, but they welcomed me in and I got to find a voice within that circle. I was hooked. Drum circles are a favorite thing! I don't play alone though. Prefer to join in to an existing beat. It helps me.  (sorry for going on long in this comment. My fingers did it, not me...)

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i can dig that, for sure.

a skin Djembe?

mine was goatskin....beautiful...

such a piece of art.

yeah...guitar dosent have to be a finger killer.

learn on a pawn show electric guitar.

the action is very very easy.

the  acoustic  will always be a bit tougher on the fingers.

you can always tune the guitar down to make much less tension on the strings.

it dosent change the sounds it plays.


just my penn’oworth

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Skinning a drum was another wonderful I had the opportunity to learn along the way. We used goat. This drum sings beautifully! I have a couple others too. Pretty positive they are all goat.

Guitar? someday...maybe. 

How I learned to play the drum:

My buddy said, You have a heart beat, right? So it's my own heartbeat I follow and can always play along.

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I never

skinned a drum before....

thats a cool thing to know how to do..


your buddy has it spot on.

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Yay for heartbeats! 


Skinning a drum is pretty easy right up until you gotta get the head tight enough for that pretty sound. We used a technique of tying and untying it a few times before creating the second and third rows of lacing. Shaving it with a knife was kinda fun too. I really wanted to leave the hairs for a while but they convinced me that it would tear up my hands. If you ever have the opportunity to learn it, I highly recommend it. This is my spirit drum. 

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