Here we are again

back in Hell.

When will we get out?

Only time will tell.


I need to get out of here.

I can't stand this shit.

Fuck my life,

and everyone in it.


At times,

it seems like I'm not even there.

If I die,

will anyone care?


Should I continue,

or call it quits right here?

Maybe I should wait a few days,

a few months, or a year.


Days I could do it?

My birthday perhaps?

The day I was born,

and the day that I pass.


Maybe New Year's Eve,

and New Year's Day.

When the year changes,

I go away.


Perhaps Easter,

with Good Friday skies.

Except unlike Jesus,

I do not rise.


It could be any day,

any time, any place.

Could be any moment,

when I put my life to waste.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Last one for today, starting to near the end of my old material. I'll have to start thinking some more things up. As always, leave any kind of criticism, it is welcomed and appreciated.

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