Behind the truth

You want to know why i'm so honest?
because the truth was instilled in me
when I was growing up as a child,
people told me how they really felt about me
even when those comments were sometimes unnecessary
but very seldom did I let those children get to me
people are mean, they don't sugar coat shit
so I learned to do the same
now i'm my own worst critic
but don't think my intentions on speaking my mind, is to be mean, more intended to be real
you want to know why i'm so honest?
I inherited the truth on both sides of my fam
my grandomothers were very strong women
who quite franctly didn't give a damn
but don't think for a second, that's the only person I am
I have many great qualites, but don't think for a second this isn't a gift
some people in this world can't live with who they are
I just learned overtime to embrace who I am,if I want to get far
So thanks to everyone who contributed,because the truth, I won't ever dispute.

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The Voyage Eternal

Bright sparks, ideas, shining
Combining, kindling the fires of invention,
Soaring higher on wings created,
To the earth, no longer bound,
Bringing light, always moving,
To fill the void,
To cross all space,
Leaving behind blue skies everlasting.
Finding what is new,
Following the drive,
To seek the truth, hidden in lies,
Gazing upon stars, our eyes in wonder,
Forever burning, forges of gods,
And now for man, their energies serve,
Reshaping the universe.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My first poem.

See Me When I Dance

When you watch me dance, don't just watch me. 

I want you to see me. 

Know that in every step I leave behind bits and pieces of myself. 

In just a few minutes, I will expose to you all of my secrets.

My joy, my fears, my laughter, my tears.

I'm bringing that all to the stage. 

Spot lights hitting me from every angle, just in case a part of me tries to hide. 

See me and pay attention as your eyes take in ever fiber of me in its truest form.

Try not to judge me as my body sweats and bleeds and my heart thrives and beats in the only way it knows how.

To music.

Know behind every hit and pointed toe there is an indescribable passion.

A passion that not only thrills me and drives me. 

But a passion that I have risked my life for just so that I can be on this stage for a brief moment and show you my true colors. 

So please, this time when you watch me dance, know that I am telling you my story.

And don't just watch me.


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sitting on the sidelines

Sitting in the actors space

there is danger in here
danger to reveal
that which is real

what's going on
do I know how I feel?
am I watching myself?
can I show up

let us explore...
this moment
what's in front of me
can I see?

Ooh... there's a pinch
how do I feel?
afraid to reveal...

sitting on the sidelines

Author's Notes/Comments: 

my second poem written January 5, 2011.

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the structures i build are so easily broken

i placed you too high on your pedistal

my expectations were not rewarded

you wore silks and the others wore trash

i heard your name over thier voices

your face was burned behind my eyelids

i believed my own lies

i made you what your not but what i wanted you to be

it will be hard for me to see

but perhaps it wil shak reality free

love is deception and lies of pefection

a virus inflicted on all

its instinct and emotion in a dangerous potion

developing before we can crawl

your name spidered from my fingertips

at night it was whispered from my lips

delusions dancing inside my mind

they wont stop for some time

i longed to hold your heart in my hands

i tried my hardest the hardest i can

i wish you could see the longing in me

and i wish that you

longed too

so many ruined plans

they hurt

i feel every one of them

setting you up so tall

set me up to fall

and iv'e yet to figure out how to catch myself

despite the many times iv'e had to try


this time

i know its no help to cry

love is deception , lies of perfection

its instinct and emotion in a dangerous potion

ill drowned myself in its never ending


and one day my suffring will lead to my


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Who Dares To Write The Truth

Who dares to write the truth,
Who dares to write without fear,
To write what we need to hear
Not what we want to,
Who writes what's real,
What the world really is,
Who dares to criticize
What no one speaks up against,
Who writes,
Who really writes 
For the world?

Will you write the truth,
Will you speak up,
Be the rebel,
Ignore the consequences,
Lead the people,
Demand your say,
Your own opinion,
Condemn the drones,
Programed in dull,
Dreary schools,
The ones with minds like mush,
Fed lies upon lies.
Don't ever trust everyone.

Will you speak up
When called upon,
Are you the brave one,
The only brave one,
The one one who speaks their own mind,
Who's thoughts are their own,
Who fights the drones,
Who leads the vigilantes,
The rebels,
The ones who are able to think,
Will you lead them out of pointless war,
Lead them to stand,
Wind at their backs,
The majority all around.
Will you lead them to stand,
To stand up against
The feeders of lies,
The drones and the cons,
They will claim to help.
Don't listen.
There is no good or bad in war.

Will you be your own person,
Live in your own mind?
Will you stand all alone
If no one will fight?
Will you lift your voice up,
Let yourself be heard?
Will you soar like an eagle,
A strong-willed bird?

Is this your own life
Or are they living it for you?
Are those your own thoughts,
Or are they programed in?
Have you seen with your heart
And not your blinded eyes?
Have you heard the voices,
Those shrieking cries?

Do you dare to write the truth,
What others have strayed from,
What may leak from your mind,
Will it spill on the paper?
Do you dare to speak up,
Support the minority,
I'm not the majority,
I refuse to stop thinking,
I refuse to stop fighting.
Write the truth.

When the gunshots cry out
And the flags wave high,
We will unite,
The minority we are,
We will fight
But draw no blood,
We will win,
Because we know the truth,
We dare to go against,
We will let our voices be heard,
We will be heard!

We are the minority,
We will fight,
We will win,
We shall not draw blood,
No one shall die in our hands,
But we will fight
But not with the others,
We will stand,
We will not move.

Who dares to write the truth?
Who dares to speak up?
Who dares to voice their thoughts?
Who dares to lead the march,
To let their voice be heard,
Who dares?

We are the minority.
Let us be the truth.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Who dares to write about the truth? Who dares to think for themselves?

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Boy Ascends

Was I born an empty thing to place within a set of rings?

I sought to love the man above but then I found my set of strings

The skins and stones and sticks and woes that set my mind a flurry

Will make such noise I can't avoid and set myself to scurry

I do intend to re-begin and squeeze a damsel with both hands

And when it's right I'll go inside and two will act as one again

But for now I'll stop to think and forget to eat a meal

And all that loss will just result in further sex appeal

I am not a hollow being, I came with mixed reserves

But to my guide I can't decide which purpose each one serves

So to command this problem and solve it for all time

I will release my all and wish for the proper to arrive

Thus when smoke has cleared and I'm exposed to all?

I will demand their greatest hand as I have breached their walls

And on their knees they will decree that I am what was given

To appease the Gods and increase the odds of man that lives in heaven.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reach for the skyyyyyy.

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Written in a Geneva:

Switzerland Churchyard  


Ugonna Wachuku


A dirge and epilogue is sung for me
on your fleeing island of uninterested
unavailability. The owl hoots no more
on moonlit nights of home.  


Biblical Zacchaeus and Matthew: Oh!
Little me: "pass me not O gentle
Saviour..." Green pastures abound.
My peace unbound. Your island is
so real. The bridge stands no more
on humane pathway to landscapes. Kai!
Your island is so real, daughter of
the Almighty Creator.


Pathway to landscapes: The eagle I am
must soar this new day to welcoming
mountain-tops to view, one last time,
your pathway to landscapes.


At the stroke of midnight, this blessed
new day, I will depart your island of
unavailability; and sail for the high
seas. My smiling ship is created. The
wind from others beckons. Pines of home
whistle. The rainbow awaits. My simple
ship is set to sail; and I must bid you
farewell in God's care. I invite thee
no more on earthly footpaths. Oh!
Epitaph! This Epitaph! Would that
I wrote thee not; or perhaps
forgotten my lines on this
strange stage through life.


Heaven's gardens: Remember, when we
finally meet there, I am  the bald
Eagle that tarried for years on your
unfeeling island of unavailability :-
made whole with heavenly bounties in
His soul saving bossom.


AH! Epitaph! This farewell! This glad
dirge sung for me! This epilogue! Oh!
Little me. The owl hoots no more on
moonlit nights of home because this
glad dirge is sung. This emerald
epitaph all for you to set me freeee!
Heaven's gardens and meadow sea
shores. I set sail at midnight