Life is short

Life is flying, rushing by

If only we took some time to si

I want nothing but to enjoy the day

Sitting, playing in the sunshine ray


Life is short with minutes left

It might be years before we regret

The time we had and took for granted

Never let that feeling make you frantic


Life is precious with all its sights

Take the time to learn all its­­­ beauty

The moments we enjoy will feel like a lifetime

Life is short make it worth the timeline

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I was sad to watch you leave,
Every breath was hard to breathe,
As tears rolled down my saddened cheeks.
As I left the sky darkened,
Only adding to my sorrow.
But a ray of light pierced the shadows,
Helping me believe it was not eternal.
I know I can't turn back time,
But one day everything will be alright,
No matter how dark or sad I may seem,
Fate always seems to workout for me.

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