Thank You

The person who I hold close to me is gone

All that remains is the memories we shared

Small mementos lying around with our pictures

The nostalgia is calming yet bittersweet

The times we had together I won’t forget

I will always cherish everything we had

You’ve taught me a lot while we were together

Thank you dearest for being my mentor


I wish I was better before you departed

Remorse keeps building up as I think about you

I know apologizing for pushing you away

Will only want you to keep further away from me


I never wanted you to go, but I couldn’t say it

I wanted you to be happy and to be free

Never did I want to see you in pain

Thank you dearest for being so forgiving


I hope you at least live out your dreams

Everything I say is from my heart and is true

Please let me keep loving you and reach you

Your voice continues to echo in my mind


I am glad that we are still friends

Despite that we are so far away

We made distant promise to each other

Thank you dearest for always being there for me


Thank you dearest for everything you’ve done

Thank you dearest for all the memories

Thank you dearest for being a kind person

Thank you dearest for still caring about me


I hope we will be reunited again someday…

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Scandalofgrace's picture

That feeling

You look back and recall all the good memories, I am too familiar with that. How you long to be back in those days. 

greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends