Waiting in the rain

I remember how you looked that day

The morning, you went away

I remember everything you said

I could not speak just softly breath away


Upon the shore, about to leave

There were just too many voices in my head

It was the first day of a morning spring

A cold chill the moment on that day


I stood and watched you with a smile

I never saw you without a thing to say

As we stand today close for a while

Your warm body comforts me so today


I know in a cool summer rain

I think of you, once more again

I’ll never know why, I could not say

Just how hard it was for me that day


The time has now frozen on my lips

As I stood on the dock alone that day

And I watched as you slowly drift away

On walls the cold water always drips


The chill of the cold won’t lose its grip

And hangs from my neck like a chain

To think of you just once more again

And how warm you felt in the cold dark rain


I don’t think I will ever know

And how fast the time did go

I will always feel deep down in my heart

We were just, never meant to part


Soul mates never let go, and will love again

So here I wait in the cold spring rain

Knowing you will be back again

As I leave my cold body in the rain


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