Pigs can fly

Pigs can fly


Mason was a little pig that lived with Lucas and Helen, his best friends, he always had big and exciting dreams, he dreamed that someday, somehow he could become the first pig that could fly. This crazy dream started because he always saw all the birds flying by his house. While Lucas and Helen only dreamed to win a blue ribbon at the annual fair. Mason told his friends from the neighborhood about his big dream but all of them thought Mason was crazy, that he would never accomplish it, they told him “Oh Mason don’t be silly, maybe you should lower your expectations and dream of something achievable” but that didn’t stop Mason’s dream, in fact it motivated him more just to prove them wrong.

So the next day Mason went to the next block, which is where the pigeons live, so he arrived but there was no one until he looked up and saw a group of pigeons sitting together in a tension cable so Mason gained courage and shouted at the pigeons “Hey!” and the pigeons looked around looking for a fellow pigeon but they didn’t saw anyone up there “Over here!” Mason shouted, the pigeons turned around a looked at Mason “What do you want kid?” One of the pigeons said in an angry tone “I’m just looking for help” Mason replied “What? Did you get lost kid?” Another pigeon replied and they all started laughing, Mason angry said “No! I want to fly like you guys!” After hearing that the pigeons laughed even harder and one almost fell off the cable, on of them still laughing said answered “You don’t even have wings! You’re just a farm pig!” The little pig turned around and said “Fine! I’ll look for help somewhere else” The pigeons were still laughing “A pig flying can you imagine?!”.


Mason then went back home and started to try every option possible. He went up the barn and tried to jump but unfortunately he could not understand why every time he jumped he came right back down again and again. After many tries he walked back home with a disappointed look and decided to sleep the day off.

The next day when Mason went to the backyard he found a feather and noticed that the bird used feathers in their wings to fly. So he decided to make himself a pair of wings, of course the first wings he made were not good at all, those wings didn't even work. But he didn’t give up there he tried, and tried, and tried again, Helen and Lucas told him to stop wasting time, that he would never do it.

It took him 7 years and 97 attempts and Mason finally made a pair of wings that could make him fly! He got so excited that he went to to tell all his friends! At first nobody believed it but at the annual fair he won the “most amazing pig trick” award because he flied in front of the judges. Everyone at the fair was amazed by Mason.

He got the satisfaction that was the first pig that ever fly and he also won a big ribbon before his friends did, since that day he was admired by everyone on town.

You put your own limits, Follow your dreams.


Diego Eduardo Contreras Zapata         A00817441

Héctor Sebastián Balcázar Navarro      A01196591

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Prime Directives

The Battle Mile

From somewhere beyond the borders of the out lands, she has been sent.
To bring order to the battle mile; the lawless region where the faceless burn illegal fuel
and race to destruction, the direct energy motor hums low, bringing with it, a new threat, a new weapon; oblivion to those who have no fear of death, those children of rebellion.
To bring law to the wastelands, to follow prime directives,
this new prototype would sacrifice its own life.
Operation Panzerfaust as been set into place; the program will succeed.

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2010-2012 Poems

Where the dusk meets the dawn,
And all dreams sublime-
My thoughts are as intense
As the first ray of sun.

And these thoughts are in vain
Unheard, blown by the wind.
Like lost dandelions
Scattered in the abyss.

You can call it surrealistic liberty
Or a self-inflicted crime.
To find my way to you
Is a struggle of a lifetime.

But oh, sacchariferous naiveté!
Morphine to 'our' impossibility,
It's better you do not know-
You allure and terrify my inner core.

You are worth fighting for, you make me happy.
But I can't lead you to a life, uneasy.
I won't cross the line, I take heed.
Cause I would have loved you more than anything-

I concede.

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-jerlin (15Feb12)

The battle mile

The Battle Mile

Into the night, into the unknown, their engines scream;
burning illegal fuel, burning into the horizon
they race along the late 21st century highways
pushing the digital limit, pushing the limit of human and machine
to the point of break down; shadowy figures who race along
the battle mile, the road that stretches into the waste lands
of destruction.

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