You're dirty little Secret

I'd like to say to myself That I don't care about you ,
I'd be lien to myself If I said it didn't hurt me inside to seen you tonight with him
but Soon girl soon everyone will know you're dirty little secret .
But I was to blame
we all slip
let our emotions
Get the better of us soon or later like Russian roulette spin the barrel pull the trigger
you will get hit
With words of hate
eyes staring of discust
and years of regret .

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Bout a girl ..

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pretty from the outside
pretty ugly from the inside!

dreamy eyes, rotten mind
succulent lips, venomous spit!
more pills, one pound less...

perfect citizen, messed up fantaisies
sickening lullaby
bitten by the hardcore

one step down
well done

designer dress, bag of turds
dead body, my best outfit!

pretty from the outside
pretty ugly from the inside...


Author's Notes/Comments: 

to all fashion lovers...
a touch of anger, with a cheecky smile....

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