Death By Roses


Lovers they were

Lovers they thought

They would forever be

And this is the lesson to be taught


Coming home one night

Two dozen black roses

He held for her in his hand

She will like them he supposes


Then he stumbles upon

What he never thought he’d see

He found her in bed

With not one man but three


In a fit of sexual rage

He ties each to a bedpost

Silently debating to himself

Who he wanted to hurt most


Holding six roses at a time

He used the stems of the roses

To saw into their necks

He left them in their ghastly poses


He watched them die

In doing so an erection grew

With her dying breath

She watched he spew



Written on

October 4, 2005

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is another work of fiction. I literally put down what i was thinking at the time.

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