The Aura Can't Be Hidden



Whether it shows red with anger,

olive green with envy,

yellow with mentation

gray with depression

purple with compassion,

gold with purity

blue with serenity

pink with happiness

bright green with healing

or infinite unique

combinations of these,

an individual's aura

cannot be hidden

and never lies.


saiom shriver



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*The Sun*

Trisha M. Barrek  Hopkins

I bring warmth to those cold 
I bring energy to those weak 
No one believes in what they are told 
They only search for what they seek 
I help many things grow 
Without me so many would die 
I help out so much in life's flow 
I just sit here in the morning sky 
Exactly what my purpose not many know 

I brighten up lives after the rain 
I make most happy I take away pain 
I ask for nothing I have nothing to gain 
I just leave a warming stain 
And for that most are thank full 
I just ask don't stare 
You will get more then an eye full 
You will get a strong lasting glare 
So for your eyes take care 


After the rain I can help with the rainbow 
Dry up after a flood 
I put a glisten to the first fall of snow 
I dry up unwanted mud 
I'm always wanted around I've been told so 


After the showers 
That come and go 
I bring comfort to the drenched flowers 
Everything has a beautiful side that I hope they show 
Nope I don't have special powers 



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Painful Reality





Roses in a vase, he received from his true love,

Forced by an armed hand, to pretend to some other his love,

Oh how painful, I feel your sorrow, cutting like a knife,

Please know when you associate in waters so rancid

It will bring you nothing but strife.


"Your roses gave me comfort", he told me,

"Upon my darkest hours,

My heart is yours forever, my love,

Through all the worst of our showers."


Reality can be alarming, but hope is always close,

If it was truly love it will leave you with a ghost,

Take the ghost and make it all the good things that you shared,

Learn the lessons, and if you do

another chance with the next person might keep you spared.


For love is the great teacher, if we only take it's hand,

We cannot learn what love can teach, from a woman or a man,

We have to stand our ground so firmly in integrity and faith,

And never be fooled into thinking that love will be given 

Through you helping to foster someone else's disgrace.


3:28 PM 7/15/2013 ©



Author's Notes/Comments: 

a story about roses i bought my love in his darkest hours

Yellow Ducky

Yellow Ducky all alone
No friends, no cares
Ducky only groans
With life thats unfair

Red sunshades on
Belly big and round
Where's ducky gone?
I've looked all around

Off to fat cat cafe
Quarter shining
Waddling to the bay
Lifes intertwining

Smoke filled air
Laughter and dreams
Bourbon and music blare
Vodka streams

Poker Games calling
Pots a laughing buddha
Watch the dice rolling
Hears what he shulda

Big slick, Apple jack
Ducky's lucky day
Starlight pack
Nothing does he say

Jazz like moonlight
Shining silver sax
Gamblers delight
Jukebox tracks

Yellow Ducky all alone
No friends no care
Ducky only groans
With life that's unfare

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Today let me be your guide
I will guide you to a place I call my own
It is not too far or not too close
So let me take you to the place I call my own

From afar a scarlet blush and red rage
An inviting call of love and hate
Love that can burn you to bliss
Hate that can burn you to grief

A step closer can you see
The presence of blue peace
Another call but not love or hate
But a call of harmony

Another step closer the green growth wave
An evidence of change
The happy yellow cheers upon us
A joyful yellow welcomes us

Now, can you see?
The place I call my own

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