fake people

What People?

Just a thought!

Real people, fake people, people of the "third kind"...

They all profess some knowledge point,

Yet, most are lost in their own mind.

Daily life has brought them here,

An escape from ties that bind...

In the end, all have wasted breath

to leave this world behind'

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Just a dose of reality"Tongue Out


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Twisted Bitch itch

La la la la la la lah
I'm not hearing you
Back the fuck up
Twisted bitch
I know it's you
You, who pulls the shit strings
You, who couldn't give a shit about feelings
Cutting and pulling and twisting theirs
I refuse to let your twisted hate bloom
A field of fire
Engulfing your antics
is all I want to see
Snap! crackle! pop!
with out your crappy dumps
And silly pedantic interpretations
From pails of shit,
Keep that shit string taut
Licking ass and all counterfeit
A set up for that niggle
The bitch itch you must scratch,
Go scratch another ass,
Twisted bitch
thanks, but no thanks.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yeah, I think I like this poem a lot! It needed to be dispelled and now I feel more well! :D

Brave Face

Brave Face

see me now,
Look at my brave face
I can be a charmer
Saying such nice things
Meant to disarm you
See me
I can be a liar
Saying the things
The real me cannot say
See my brave face
So patient and understanding
Hides the real me
I can be so unforgiving
Because I see now
I am not worthy
I am though
I am worthy of forgetting

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I'm starting to understand, starting to think
The way this industry works has got me to think
You only have friends if you have something to offer
Once your used up you are just a lowly pauper
In this microbial world, the real world is faded
The people aren't real, just enamored succubi
They'll take what they can and leave you curbside
To rust in the rain, while they gather their fame
The only thing that matters to their name
However not a single fuck is given any more
They can all burn with the rest of their fame whores
If this whole industry crashed I would be quite elated
Cause this whole experience has left me quite jaded.