You Have Become Her


Don't you know her blood runs through you

like ice water?

Couldn't you feel her chilled effects

all these years?

She's molded you into a miniature

version of herself.

She's a 'lyin'-ess

and you her cub.

She nursed you on her acidic milk.

She taught you how to hunt,

how to 'lie' in wait,

how to go in for the kill

with bloodthirsty vengence.

Oh yes, children DO learn what they live,

then live what they learned.

And you live a lie,

for that's what you learned.

All for what means do you hunt and hurt?

For the attention?

The only attention you have gained,

is that of pity.

Pity you for falling into her steps.

Her nowhere footprints

have led you directly into her den

and now, you must walk it alone.

Its a road to hell and never back.

For you can't return from where

you now 'lie.'

You have become her.

And just as it has been with her,

it shall now be with you...

I shall never again take one word

from you as 'truth.'

You, as did she,

have destroyed any belief I had

that there could be good within'

those such as you and she.

See...'lyin'-ess' don't realize

that those of us who now know better,

(those of us who have felt the claws)

can see deeply into lying eyes,

can hear volumes in untrue voices.

Oh yes, its apparant there...

in glassy, shallow depths,

its easy to see below your surfaces.

In phony-toned sweetness,

that's sickening to one's ears,

its heard loud and clear

in your false utterances.

Poor, once-sweet child.

You have become her.

Her poison passed into your genes

and runs rampant over your lips.

And now you do as she does,

all in the name of attention-

and to hell with those you hurt

in the process!!!

To hell with the lives you destroy

with wicked words!!!

I feared this,

for you and the other cubs,

who are follwing same said path as well.

Long ago, I knew this would come to pass

and saw the signs of her offspring

becoming her carbon copies.

Don't forget...I knew her 'when.'

Before you, before them.

Her lies have hurt and destroyed!

(It would seem she's taught you well, little cub.)

Her scalding tongue

spit my way more than once!

I've felt the sting of her venom!

But I have the antidote-

TRUTH serum runs through my veins

and wards off her attacks for years now.

I am immune to those like you and she.

The adrenelin anger flows in me

and negates all falsehoods!

She's vicious and inhuman,

heartless and cruel

and now...

her legacy,

'lies' in you!!!

YOU have become HER!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written: 2003

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Life is like a Rose

Life is like a beautifull rose. It is beautifull, yet if you hold onto it too tight...... You will kill it and get stuck by the thorns at the same time.

for you my love..

"Always and Forever"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to my Wife.
"Always & Forever"

If I coppied this from somewhere I apologize. I do not remember reading it. yet have heard similar sayings.

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(T. Beechey)

The ballroom was crowded but the evening was shrouded in an aura of mystery

The big football star,the one who'd "go far",wasn't anywhere to be

Jonathan Townes,who'd ran touchdowns over and over again

And was the theme of each cheerleader's dream (and also some of the men)

Had yet to arrive,perhaps he had far to drive from his mansion or estate

We all were certain that he wasn't hurtin' for cash since he'd been so great

He'd been penned with affection in the sports section of the newspaper every week

"He's destined for fame" "The pride of the game" "His autograph all will seek!"

His fifty TDs led the nation with ease and colleges banged on his door

Where did he go? Did he turn pro? And did he continue to score?

"Where could he be?" wondered Mrs. McGee who used to teach home ec

"I wonder as well," spoke Principal Bell,"maybe he got in a wreck!"

"He's probably late," said a classmate,"cause his limo ran out of gas!"

Another suggested, "With his money invested,he's somewhere else with more class!

"In Tahiti or Rome in a ten-bedroom home with champagne and caviar!"

"Let the party commence!" said Lillian Spence. "I agree!" chimed Meredith Farr

The reunion began with a rock-and-roll band playing our favorite tunes

The prom queen and king each damced a fling beneath the cutout moons

There were moments of laughter when,from the rafter,Ken Jones hung from his toes

"What a show-off!" some people did scoff. "I know," said his wife Rose

There was much reminiscing of backseat kissing and drinking before legal age

Then the principal spoke and we toasted the folk who'd earned that bitter wage

After trading addresses,we all took guesses at each other's weight and size

"I'm a size seven!" "Make that double eleven,just take a peek at those thighs!"

We waited all night but without any sight of Number 31

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Your mother didn't like the church:

She would prefer a bigger one,

And all those photos at the birch

Were really blurred and badly done.

My mother quarrelled with your dad

About the price of caviar

And quality of fruit. He said

How rude and plain my parents are.

You didn't like the purple tie

And cuff links made of ruby stone

Because they didn't match your eye.

The bride-mate chatting on the phone

Didn't let me call Jacqueline

And tell her change the tablecloth

From baby pink to olive green

And ask her not to make the both.

Somebody broke the flower arch,

I couldn't find my satin glove…

The orchestra was playing march;

Just wedding fuss, and where is love?

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Here Comes Hope

Here Comes Hope

Open your eyes

Realize that drastic changes need to immediately be made

Hear over the horizon the lone wolfs' countless discarded cries

Wretchedly witness the malicious and mechanized mannequin maze

Read between the li(n)es

The truth is often the exact opposite of how it originally seems

Endlessly ignore each “do not enter” and “stop” sign

Forfeiting our feeble future and forced to forget what freedom even means

Move to the side

Make room on the crowded streets of shame for the president’s poisonous parade

Sins forever washed away with the next swallowing tsunami at high tide

Planting a permanent scar on a frigid flag that fails to showcase its own true shades

Put down your guns

Ceaselessly cease these continuous corrupted crimes and tragic tag-teams

Remember that the enemies, too, have wives, daughters, and sons

Awaiting for them back home, hoping that reality is merely an atrocious nightmare of a dream

Stand up and spread your wicked wax-made wings

The darkhorses and doves will drop blissful bombs of benevolence on every momument and memorial ever made

That sweet, sweet song of salvation and safety the saints of suburbia splendidly, yet sinfully, sing

Knowing oh too well deep down that the contaminated concept of combat will never fade

Holdfast, here comes hope

Spontaneously combusting as we freely fly too close to the sun and become blinded by the burning beam

Rise the freedom flag high atop the rusty pole of peace and hang yourself from that very same rope

Close your eyes, because our utopia of a reality can only become true in a dove's delicate dream

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(T. Beechey)

It was gray and overcast when he came passing through

I thought he'd simply go on past like most people do

That's what the kind ones do,but they're an endangered race

Usually,they fling puppy poo right into my face

So,I was apprehensive as this stranger neared

Did he have something to give or was he to be feared?

I thought about running and hiding and staying safely hid

But something deep inside told me to wait and so I did

The stranger smiled,said "Hello",and then he shook my hand

And I thought,it's been a while since one tried to understand

I felt the tears form in my eyes as his hand I shook and shook

And I thought about the fall and rise my situation took

It hadn't always been this way,I used to have a life

Then came that fateful day when my children and my wife

Left me and I lost my job,the house fell to disrepair

And I became a worthless slob cause I no longer cared

He said,"I don't know your story but I've been in your shoes

"You don't need me feeling sorry,so I'll give you happy news."

He handed me a business card and a ticket for the bus

He said,"I promise I'll try hard to make you part of us."

A part of what? I didn't know but it sounded really good!

Maybe,at last,I'd be able to go away from this neighborhood

To live a life of luxury without a worry in the world...

I was so excited to see what the stranger would unfurl!

All that night I couldn't sleep,I'd just toss and turn

What was the promise he would keep and how much would I earn?

As the sun began to rise,I stumbled out the door

So tired I couldn't keep my eyes hardly opened any more

"You'll never make it," said a voice which echoed in my brain

"It was such a stupid choice for you to try and remain

"Wide awake when you could have slept cause now your fate is sealed!

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(T. Beechey)

We were all sitting around on a lonely Saturday night

When a complete and total stranger slowly happened into sight

As he neared,we kind of hoped he'd keep on going by

But he stopped right in front of us and we all wondered why

"I have just arrived," he said,"in your quaint little town

"Don't have no friends or family or any roots laid down

"I was only passing through and I came upon this place

"And I was wonderin' if maybe I could share with you my grace."

"You see,I'm from all the way on the other side of the state

"Hitching rides,hailing cabs,riding the bus or freight

"I've been on the road twenty-eight days,searching for a kind face

"And now that I found you,I would like to share with you my grace."

We all looked at one another,in exasperated doubt

His grace? What's he mean,his grace? What's he talking about?

We were all thinking the same thing: tell him to hit the road

Cause none of us really cared about what grace he showed

"Please excuse my tattered clothes and the dust within my hair

"Kindly disregard the fumes of passing diesels that I wear

"I ask only for a minute,then I'll depart your space

"But I'd really appreciate the chance to share with you my grace."

Now,we were curious,exactly what grace does he have to share?

Maybe a million dollars or perhaps some jewels,quite rare?

Perhaps some exotic pottery,like a gem-encrusted vase?

C'mon already,get to it! Share with us your grace!

"The only clothes I have to wear are the ones upon my back

"I have no food or money,just this dirty old knapsack

"But it's what inside I want you to see,I'd like all of you to embrace

"What I hope to share with the entire world: I present to you my grace."

"This is Grace's head right here,didn't she have pretty eyes?

"And here's her arm and her foot and these are Grace's thighs

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Eleventy Million Billion Trillionth of a Second & Fine Dining Where Our Hunger Stirs


and pinpointing out

forests in a single tree

for nouns are more accurately adjectives

recitable recipes

to coexist our tastes

postmarking posthaste

our navigated territories

elongated and exaggerated

artistic license plates

to brand our oceanic anonymity

and part ways like parting seas

splitting atoms in Big Bang reveille

tastebudding ticklishness

unearthly fetal galaxies


as our baby steps are most surely

someone else's giant leaps

ant hills moving mountains

as unaskable as our most precious questions

and unquestionable as our most precise answers

no one else for me to be

but me..

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Avaloniad, 2: At The Sanhedrin's Chamber In Jerusalem

[after Acts 8:2]


Not so much that he preached real heresy
of that "Messiah" who came from Galilee;

but that he lectured us on History
(and so much detail):  too much of the past

and no respect for this divided present.
Of course our frenzy was rather unpleasant.

I sure was glad when we began to cast
the stones at him, and finished rapidly.

You know he even dared, that day, to speak
before us in that highbrow, pagan Greek?

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