(T. Beechey)

We were all sitting around on a lonely Saturday night

When a complete and total stranger slowly happened into sight

As he neared,we kind of hoped he'd keep on going by

But he stopped right in front of us and we all wondered why

"I have just arrived," he said,"in your quaint little town

"Don't have no friends or family or any roots laid down

"I was only passing through and I came upon this place

"And I was wonderin' if maybe I could share with you my grace."

"You see,I'm from all the way on the other side of the state

"Hitching rides,hailing cabs,riding the bus or freight

"I've been on the road twenty-eight days,searching for a kind face

"And now that I found you,I would like to share with you my grace."

We all looked at one another,in exasperated doubt

His grace? What's he mean,his grace? What's he talking about?

We were all thinking the same thing: tell him to hit the road

Cause none of us really cared about what grace he showed

"Please excuse my tattered clothes and the dust within my hair

"Kindly disregard the fumes of passing diesels that I wear

"I ask only for a minute,then I'll depart your space

"But I'd really appreciate the chance to share with you my grace."

Now,we were curious,exactly what grace does he have to share?

Maybe a million dollars or perhaps some jewels,quite rare?

Perhaps some exotic pottery,like a gem-encrusted vase?

C'mon already,get to it! Share with us your grace!

"The only clothes I have to wear are the ones upon my back

"I have no food or money,just this dirty old knapsack

"But it's what inside I want you to see,I'd like all of you to embrace

"What I hope to share with the entire world: I present to you my grace."

"This is Grace's head right here,didn't she have pretty eyes?

"And here's her arm and her foot and these are Grace's thighs

"This right here is Grace's heart,I keep it in this case

"And here's some knuckles and kneecaps: now I've shared with you my Grace."

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