Wall of I

There were old walls left standing
in wake of mass collapse.
They held fixtures and railways,
old and aging megaphones,
robbed of speech, impotent,
but symbols that echoed prior voice.

Of few survivors, one aspect crossed
borders to true neutrality
and became lost there for days.
He returned changed and so haggard,
like a cripple lost among desert dunes.
When he would kneel and vomit,
he could expel only muddy water.

And everyone was robbed of words
that were not bathed in metaphor.
All windows fogged, all mirrors obscured;
all means of conveyance and climb
fell into stupid, frantic disuse.

After the air became thicker and dense,
we'd only see ambiguous blurs
to accompany any sort of presence;
any sort of approaching touch.
We'd swipe at them like feral beasts,
lest they rob us, lest they bore us;
lest they attempt to ignore us.

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7 minutes to sunrise,6 minutes to live


The wind howls the old barn

the moon creeps over the gates

clear black skies

a haunted forest

footprints in the creeks

he rapes her all night

he takes the essence of her purity

she struggles to overcome her fear

grieves over what happened

he's finished stealing from her

she cries a river of tears

he walks across the meadows

the wind blows

the trees howl

they rush pass creeks

gnashing teeth

running in order and in accord

their hungry for blood

they run passed her whinning and growling

she whispers to them

make it slow and painful

they rush to the meadows howling and growling

he runs

faster and faster

he see's her in glimpses around every tree

his heart pumping blood faster and faster

the howls are getting closer and closer

she giggles as he stumbles and runs

they run with anticipation and excitment

for tonight they run with purpose

he see's the barn

running as fast as his legs will carry him

he reaches the gates

thinking i made it

he locks it

and hides in a stall

hoping that'll be all

he sits their cowering




when they growled behind him

the last anyone ever saw of him

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Two Loose Screws

She was a Perfect 10 from a distance

And none less the least I expected

Perfection from this Immaculate Conception

Whisper talks of how fine she compliments a line

In a poem of mine, something lovely skin pure

Not a hair line fracture or bone spur

And best believe, Yes sir I’m mack’n her

So we’re building conversation like we’re raising children

From Cornel West “Prophetic Fragments” to Kelsey Davis “Soup and Syrup”

But from all the blur clearly I started to see her

And boy you just ain' know she had me fooled from the door

See she couldn’t divide a thousand by two

Ask her for change for a dollar, she give you back two

But hellified in matching her pants to her boots

But that’s cool, I’ll just keep moving but I got this theory proven

All good things don’t last not even a full tank of gas

Its true take a closer look at your left shoe

It doesn’t fit exactly like the right, not even gloves fit right

But more true is we all come with at least 2 loose screws.

Now there was this suite that fit me to the T

Crafter and stitched with labor and sweat

Abstract – patterns no one had seen yet

I’m out to be seen like a Blackstar imagine this

Shining like who on top of this

7 piece get-up with the a cuff and a crease

Yoke the joker wait till they get a load of me

My handkerchief match the tie and the belt match the shoe

My head clean and nails done so

“Dat boy sharp” basically is the tune.

But expectations always outlast performance

Because the dangling loose string inside the suite pocket shows it

(smiling) And that’s cool, I’ll just keep moving but I got this theory proven

All good things don’t last not even a full tank of gas

Its true take a closer look at your left shoe

It doesn’t fit exactly like the right, not even gloves fit right

But more true is everything comes with at least 2 loose screws

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In The Search For Happiness

Nothing's sacred anymore

You never know what pain's instore

Memories from our pleasant past

Times we thought would always last

Forever stays inside us all

Until one day your life sould fail

But until then our hope is this

To one day find happiness

To wander aimlessly on Earth

From the very moment of birth

Searching for everlasting love

And find your peace with God above

And in the search you just might find

What you've been wanting the whole time

Once it's there, don't let it go

It's return you'll never know

And even if the joy is gone

Remember that the pain's never long

Never forgotten but no longer expressed

Good luck in your search for happiness

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When forever finally comes to town

Not sure I wanna be around

When it stands outside to

Knock upon my door

I’ll hide inside

Not make a sound

Turn out the lights

Get on the ground

Lay in the quiet

Shadow of the floor

And if forever’s not deterred

No worry, I’ll plan for the worst

I’ll wait it out

I’ll stock up every shelf

I’ll let forever

Knock all day

And hope it finally

Goes away

“Don’t answer”s what

I’ll sit and tell myself

And if forever starts to pound

Hard on the door to knock it down

I’ll stack the furniture

Up high and deep

I’ll nail some boards

Ill brace, I’ll wedge

I’ll cross my heart

I’ll make a pledge!

That, “While forever’s there

I’ll never sleep”

For in the end I know I’ll win

I’ll never let forever in

Nor ever let it have

Its way with me

And I’ll not step

Outside again

Yes, can’t you see

I’m bound to win

Forever locked inside…

Is where I’ll be

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They struggle to know how I feel

Yet each question they ask only makes it more real

And they search for a way to get in

Hell the door isn’t locked, it's just blocked from within

They remember the way that I was

Well big deal, so do I, but I don’t know the cause

So I hear it again and again

“Why can’t you be you back before this began”

Don’t they think that I would if I could

“Well I’m sorry I don’t act the way that I should”

So the stage is now set to go on

Everyone join together and point out what’s wrong

Cause together they’re sure they can win…

Helping me learn how to live once again

But the only thing I’ve learned instead

If ya gotta be sick…don’t be sick in the head

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At Breakfast In Suburban Rome, In The Spring

Two days ago?---yes, that was quite a storm.
It lingered for six long hours over Rome.
The temperature remained balmy and warm.
But blackest clouds invaded like a swarm
of eerie shadows.  I just stayed at home.
I laughed, however, with a doubtful scorning,
at my slaves' thought that this world would soon end.
A lovely sunrise lights this second morning
since that dark day.  Now from the sky portend
the ample beauties of abundant spring.
And Rome, that will not ever claim a king,
rouses itself once more to the adorning
of all the earth our forces have arranged.
Our rule, our stance, our sway remain unchanged.

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Oh wow

Vent Poems

Do you not see yourself?

Robbing your only esscence of self?

Your only whole, your true identity

And all you do is surrender it definately

When your bond break

All you'd remember is what to take

With you because you're a mirror image

Of each other nothing of courage

Following by and by

No difference, all a lie

How pathetic it is that all I see

Is nothing left of what you used to be

Color coded, filed out

Organized without a doubt

But it seems so wrong to rob one self

Of what is you and no one else

When I look at you all

And just ponder all and all

I just wonder if you see

It's all of you that I pity


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Who are you?

I barely even know you

But somehow I feel more

Like I have known you forever

But that cant be

We just met

I dont know what you like

Or what you do

But somehow it's like

Like you understand

And maybe you do

Maybe there is more to you

Than I can imagine

You know who you are

So let's keep talking

And maybe

You can answer

Some questions for me

What do you like?

What do you do?

Who are you?

And why do I feel this way?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

you know this is about you...thank you for your comments... your writing is beautiful.

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