Here Comes Hope

Here Comes Hope

Open your eyes

Realize that drastic changes need to immediately be made

Hear over the horizon the lone wolfs' countless discarded cries

Wretchedly witness the malicious and mechanized mannequin maze

Read between the li(n)es

The truth is often the exact opposite of how it originally seems

Endlessly ignore each “do not enter” and “stop” sign

Forfeiting our feeble future and forced to forget what freedom even means

Move to the side

Make room on the crowded streets of shame for the president’s poisonous parade

Sins forever washed away with the next swallowing tsunami at high tide

Planting a permanent scar on a frigid flag that fails to showcase its own true shades

Put down your guns

Ceaselessly cease these continuous corrupted crimes and tragic tag-teams

Remember that the enemies, too, have wives, daughters, and sons

Awaiting for them back home, hoping that reality is merely an atrocious nightmare of a dream

Stand up and spread your wicked wax-made wings

The darkhorses and doves will drop blissful bombs of benevolence on every momument and memorial ever made

That sweet, sweet song of salvation and safety the saints of suburbia splendidly, yet sinfully, sing

Knowing oh too well deep down that the contaminated concept of combat will never fade

Holdfast, here comes hope

Spontaneously combusting as we freely fly too close to the sun and become blinded by the burning beam

Rise the freedom flag high atop the rusty pole of peace and hang yourself from that very same rope

Close your eyes, because our utopia of a reality can only become true in a dove's delicate dream

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