The Rhyme

General Poetry

Mumble, Jumble...

   Words on a page.

     This thought, that thought.

      One never complete.

Grumble, Rumble...

   Constant struggle.

    Caught in life's race.

Fumble, Stumble...

   Careful not to trip,

    Over memories left laying at the door.

Sanity, Vanity...

   Time stands in a mirror.

Trust, Lust...

   Deceptions masked in many forms.

Seek, Speak...

   Do you believe?

    In the things that dreams are to blind to see.

Tear, Fear...

   Truth raped by lies.

Cry, Die...

   Empty inside.

Meek, Weak...

   Silent words we try to speak.

Confusion, Illusion...

   Ends my rhyme.

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Twisting her lips, Madam Praise

Detest Big Brother attitude of the Americans

With paper tissue, blow her nose.

In Middle East, the Muslims are chaste fanatics’

Paperless workers prowl on streets

While African drug peddlers hang on our necks.

Hi-fi techniques our product expertise

Copy the sly Chinese

dampening the market chances.

Jews? Tantrums!

East European young females and the Thais

Marry innocent old men; flesh trade for cash in brothels.

Holy morons even at an age eighty; point fingers.

Detecting fault cause utter frustration;

Fifty-year-old spouses turn cradle snatchers;

Jet around hunting for Latinos to remain alive, amused.

Natural justification!

Poverty stricken Indians always dream;

Bribes take them to heaven;

Their body language sufficient. Draw

Conclusion serious high-level men

Advisory board; Commerce.

Never emerge from ghettos;

Scarf dismiss

Nevertheless, forever groan

The stubborn Turkish.

In mainstream life refuse to integrate.

As for the Vietnamese are but petty criminals

Black marketing branded cigarettes.

Illegal garage engage asylum seekers

Bulgarian, Hungarian, Russian Mafia’s, steal our cars

These foreigners; our clean homes damage.

Minorities but for them; the majority perpetually embarrassed.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To Grumble is good but bad education when it comes to teaching.

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As one thing leads to another.... ...... 30Oct03


Thanks Julie.

Mary Poppins was always a childhood favorite.

One day, I watch it seriously.

Hey, this is really good.

Won 5 Oscars...

Watch it 6 more times in 6 days...

What's this I see in the credits?

'Based on the Mary Poppins books by P.L. Travers'

Travers? look it up on amazon...

I buy the books.

They're great.

So's the author.

Used to be a Shakespearean actress?

Shakespeare? Acting?

Eh... not interested.

Well, back to Mary P.

This actress is pretty darn good.

Julie? Was in the Sound of Music?

I watch it.

Then again.

And again.

hmm... directed by Robert Wise.

Julie made another movie with him


'Star!' ? never heard of it.

hey look, it's in the local rental store.

watch it.


but wait... who's this Gertrude Lawrence and Noel Coward?

Never heard of them...

Well... Gertie was in Lady in the Dark...

what else?

Well, Private Lives.

hey, Noel Coward wrote it


he's great

I'm in love.

With theater.

The 30s.

And acting.

Then comes Diana Rigg.

The Avengers.

Emma Peel.

This is some good stuff.

And there's no one like this dame...

Used to be in the Royal Shakespeare Company.


Shakespeare? Acting?...

Thanks Julie.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

basically if it weren't for Julie Andrews it would have taken me a lot longer to get interested in theater, which is my passion now ;)

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*Your Choice

How perfect we thought it was-

high school sweethearts an extended way

we were going to get married

we would make it work

but I guess you didn't want

to try and work it out

I was tired of the lies

you were tired of me

so you told me it was over

and I cried for you

now you want me back

you're miserable with your choice

too bad for you.

I'm not stupid

I remember the pain and the hurt

I won't go back to you

you lost your chance

you made a choice

live in your pity if you must

I'm moving on without you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

2 years ago October 15, 2005.

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prey tell this one listening ear that which might none other hear, a work or thoughts laid bare for only me all to clear, the words of mind spoken in vain of those so dear.

That if in that moment of time we transcend and climb fare below all that once was

And with eyes wide and seeing more, move beyond gods very door.

Then as time passes and all is still, as wind blows and howls near,

That none should touch our union, as passions grow clear.

With racing heart the rhythm of wills beg that never should they part,

Dancing for night that day should stay and wounded needs have their way.

In moonlight bathed all round sing, as angels shade the world that fades

And groping hands that fear search for something near to tare to tears.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A random peice after Contemplating humanity.

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I have no style, I have no skill.

Feel so awful my heart I cannot still

to understand and feel.

The teamwork so strange and unbelievable

when it comes to organised crimes

how we human excel!

Rob the humble unable, who are busy

with their science, routine, hand to mouth toil.


Stone heart melting

Milk of natural kindness flow

Morning sun benefactor

It is

in all Hamlets, the tragedy grows; let us call it fate.

Today with its different colour, creed

Problem and quarrel, can we have it without hate?

Why we cannot? That we a civilisation matured

have walked into this twenty first century -- great!

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THE FILTER (metaphysical)


gallantly ineffective

that muse a mystic's bark

tempered like some folly

upon a miser's stock

wishes in grumbled few

flap about the mind's eye

elevated and confused

weary and leery to be gagged

in words

the soul's language is so very difficult

to translate

vision is a hiarchy

brought to its knees

through the polluted filter

of such a limited thing

as the human mind

and this is the constant case

of all the poetry

that loiters in me

ever so stubbornly



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"meaningless love"

there is something inside of me i cannot describe.

wrapped around my bones, so tightly that i cannot breathe.

after a  while it lets go but the pain remains.

the pain got deep into my heart and soul making all my dreams impossible.

the grief, the pain, the anger, the anguish makes me scream with affection.

then i saw it.

the vision of your face.

a blur, but it calmed me.

it always does.

thats the effect you have on me, came out of nowhere.

but how can you calm me down when you are the one who made me scream???

when im around you, everything is so simple.

yet confusing.


i feel it.

dont want to...

why cant all that just end?

as simple as that.

so maybe not everything is simple when im around you, but you are making them harder than ever.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for him again.

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Stark Reality

Short Stuff


from darkness

of womb,

lifespan of




in darkness

of tomb.

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