You Have Become Her


Don't you know her blood runs through you

like ice water?

Couldn't you feel her chilled effects

all these years?

She's molded you into a miniature

version of herself.

She's a 'lyin'-ess

and you her cub.

She nursed you on her acidic milk.

She taught you how to hunt,

how to 'lie' in wait,

how to go in for the kill

with bloodthirsty vengence.

Oh yes, children DO learn what they live,

then live what they learned.

And you live a lie,

for that's what you learned.

All for what means do you hunt and hurt?

For the attention?

The only attention you have gained,

is that of pity.

Pity you for falling into her steps.

Her nowhere footprints

have led you directly into her den

and now, you must walk it alone.

Its a road to hell and never back.

For you can't return from where

you now 'lie.'

You have become her.

And just as it has been with her,

it shall now be with you...

I shall never again take one word

from you as 'truth.'

You, as did she,

have destroyed any belief I had

that there could be good within'

those such as you and she.

See...'lyin'-ess' don't realize

that those of us who now know better,

(those of us who have felt the claws)

can see deeply into lying eyes,

can hear volumes in untrue voices.

Oh yes, its apparant there...

in glassy, shallow depths,

its easy to see below your surfaces.

In phony-toned sweetness,

that's sickening to one's ears,

its heard loud and clear

in your false utterances.

Poor, once-sweet child.

You have become her.

Her poison passed into your genes

and runs rampant over your lips.

And now you do as she does,

all in the name of attention-

and to hell with those you hurt

in the process!!!

To hell with the lives you destroy

with wicked words!!!

I feared this,

for you and the other cubs,

who are follwing same said path as well.

Long ago, I knew this would come to pass

and saw the signs of her offspring

becoming her carbon copies.

Don't forget...I knew her 'when.'

Before you, before them.

Her lies have hurt and destroyed!

(It would seem she's taught you well, little cub.)

Her scalding tongue

spit my way more than once!

I've felt the sting of her venom!

But I have the antidote-

TRUTH serum runs through my veins

and wards off her attacks for years now.

I am immune to those like you and she.

The adrenelin anger flows in me

and negates all falsehoods!

She's vicious and inhuman,

heartless and cruel

and now...

her legacy,

'lies' in you!!!

YOU have become HER!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written: 2003

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Shaketa Copelin's picture

wow. I really felt this piece. I know where you're coming from and the anger was evident in this poem. I loved it.