...If darkness attracts more heat...

...then why is my heart so cold?...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is how I've felt some times...

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The Girl of my Dreams

She’s beautiful, not just outside but on the inside

She’s weird, she’s never ever boring

She doesn’t care, she’s not afraid to speak her mind

She cares about me, keep my heart soaring

What I could do to meet you, I’ve met u many times

But couldn’t grasp you tight enough

Let u go I did

Now I go through all this pain I take

I must learn to never make that mistake

She is a dreamer, never loses sight of her goals

She is a lover, im always on her mind

She is a sweety, she may look bad but she’s really innocent

She always keeps a promise, no broken promises to find

My music and yours, the same

Never judge each other, we like each other the way we are

She knows ill do anything for her

She’ll do the same, just for us to stay true

Forever we’ll stay, just tell me what to do

She’s taken, she’s in love with someone else

She’s right there, just out of reach

She cant be taken away, she refuses to

She sucks the life of others, she is a leech

Im hurt, I can never have you

Your so special, but we’ll never be together

I could make you happy, give u anything I could

I would love you throughout our tomorrow’s

So for now, ill sing my sorrow

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Irony sucks...i need a gf...

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Like a Bird

Fun Poems

“You eat like a bird!” she says to me,

A smile upon her face.

I must admit, I don’t eat much,

But still, there is a trace

Of sarcasm in her eyes

That I can’t help but see.

Does she think me scrawny?

Is she gently mocking me?

There she sits, eating food

That I myself have made.

I cook her meal, and she pokes fun!

Now that’s an unfair trade!

I confront her gingerly,

I must know for sure:

Does she think of my physique

As being rather poor?

“Oh no!” she says with horror.

“I simply tried to say

That this substance you have cooked,

That you eat for meals each day,

Is not accepted by my palate

And, in fact, I’ve had to palm it.

For in taste and in consistency,

It’s very much like vomit!”

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Your Your Worst

Today, now, is a test

To do you're very best

Tell me- how are you feeling today?

Each line you write

Of each struggle and each fight

What made you feel this way?

Written appologies hidden deep within

You know not where you finished, nor where to begin

Why must you always feel down?

Every word is your very best

As if it is all a test

Why do we write so good when we are at our worst?

Kill everything I say

Start over a brand new day

Let me die right here, right now

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I thought it was quite ironic how Chris wrote his best at his worst time...and figured out that is rather true for me as well...figured I'd write about it.

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A big monkey and a small monkey,

Sitting on a big log of wood,

The big monkey is taller than the small monkey,

But the small monkey is not shorter than the big monkey.

The small monkey looks like the big monkey,

But the big monkey does not look like the small monkey,

The big monkey is the mother of the small monkey

But the small monkey is not the daughter of the big monkey!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

So what is the small monkey to the big monkey?

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I have it.

The one shared moment.

The moment we looked at my belly and we knew.

Knew all the times of trying not to get pregnant had failed.

The Contraception was like kryptonite to your superman sperm.

I knew it before I told you.  

I knew the next morning.

My body told me.

My heart told me.

My Goddess told me.

You see I had said that if it was not meant to be that I wanted to have a child with you.

Not for revenge or even a pettiness that no one else has a child with you.

It was because I know that when I look at the pictures, rub my tummy everyday,

Read and sing to her.  She is apart of us. Apart of two lovers caught in time, sharing a moment.

You see I feel it.  I see it I know it.

I am the one who rocks her while singing black velvet, and jazz tunes, while reading Law and medical journals, in case she wants to be a doctor or lawyer. I tell her she is strong and can do whatever she wants to.

I even tell her about you and the story of how we met. How both her father and mother love her, and look forward to her coming.

Her name, did you say that you didn’t know her name?  She is named for her great grandmother on her mother’s side. I haven’t decided if she will have my last name yours, or both, but that is her name.  Charity. Like a beautiful surprising summer rainbow when there isn’t a cloud in the sky.

I share with you this moment this love for this child, and even though things are not what I wanted between us. You will always be her father and I will always be her mother, and we will have shared this moment.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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A New Toy

I used to feel as i love you

I used to feel as you did too,

But then this one day came

and u called me and went away.

I didnt miss you, i thought i will

but the thing is, boy listen, im not in love with you

i was close

or at least thats what i thought,

but then he came back again, and ruined it all.

I still dont miss you

and the things we did together.

i thought ill crave all the days we've spent together.

All the nights you held me tight.

All the kisses you blew me from far away.

And all the I-Love-You's i thought were true.

i am so over you, but hey, its better that way

because you are nothing to me,

you were never the one

What i want now is...

just Him again.


Oh yes. i'm *Not* Sorry. I dont care if i hurt you...

You know why? u were just a toy... now left out without any batteries. Yes, thats right

I used you.

Never give your heart away to a girl...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Aric. you are so out of the Picture.. Dave? Welcome back.

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I'll die bloodless

just to take out the rose

that you stick trough my vein

letting my blood paint

for the redness of a rose

let me die bloodless

I'll die breathless

just to share the air

to let you alive

I will stand the pain

always stay the same

I'll die frozen

just to give out the flame

to keep you warm

and shelter you from harm

everything will be

fine as the way you see

I'll die to protect you

in a very special way

and eventough I know you don't want to

I just have to do what I  have to do

I know I can't die with you

I may be unforgiven

yet I know deep within you

I will not be forgotten

Author's Notes/Comments: 

An old one, but I have just completing it

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She stared at her blood stained hands,

thinking to herself, "what have I done?"

Her once angelic eyes,

now gray from enduring pain,

looked over the remaining secretions around her wrists.

A gasp escaped her lungs,

a painful breath that sent an ache through her body.

Quivering from the loss of blood,

she spoke softly to herself.

"Am I not dead yet?"

Evil cast its shadow where she lay.

It would not be long now.

Wickedness would soon overtake her.

The imp of demise placed the noose around her neck,

and it cut her flesh as the knife had done moments ago.

Her hands flew to her throat.

She touched blood,

felt it warm on her hands.

Is this not what she wanted?

Death, bereavement, fatality

No, not this time.

Not this way.

She felt along the rope,

frantically searching for the knot.

But she was too late.

The lariat tightened one final time,

her last breath diminished,

and incarcerated tears now fell.

The onus deed had been done,

and she was taken.

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