Horror, And Gloom

He embraces her fainted fall

and with her he dies.

They passionately kiss on their way down,

but to his suprise,

she had a parachute stuffed

in her secrets the whole time,

it will only be He,

who is dying tonight.

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Horror, And Gloom

The naked father,

Slaughter's his daughter, in her bedroom.

while mother, fastens the ropes,

so that she hangs suspended

Over the mattress.

a blanketed child awaits the calling

while scratching the hardwood with crayola drawings

pictures of daddy and mommy crying.


the front door, locked

The windows, black.

the neighbors ask,

but it isn't until weeks later do they discover the family.

Decomposing and slashed.

the news rooms swarm, the question's remain

but father lives forever in national fame

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Mothers Wishes

Horror, And Gloom

Messy little girl

put away your shoes

guest's are coming over

clean the living room

stupid ugly girl

time to go to school

brush your tangled hair

there gonna laugh at you

slutty little tramp

who is on the phone

you make me feel ashamed

the neighbors probably know

that was my little girl

lying on the bed

a gun was in her lap

with a letter that read.....

my shoes are put away now

the living room is clean

I've finished all my classes

and my hair is nice and neat

i was talking to the neighbors

and they heard what you had said

I'm not your little girl, mom

your little girl is dead

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The Prayer

At church I pray aloud to God and ask,

"Lord please help me with this one task"

Seconds later I hear the voice of God speak,

"Go home and find the answers you seek."

Without hesitation I begin to make my leave,

Smiling about how things will differ this eve.

Leaving the church I bump into an old man,

Who grips my arm telling me of some plan.

These ears of mine ignore his old raspy voice

"Sir, I shall return when it is my choice"

My body slips from his grip and I wave him bye.

Head too focused on home to hear him cry.

Afterwards a stranger asks for my hand,

Yet I turn not wanting to hear her demand.

She inquires, "Young man, what can you do?"

My reply, "Sorry, but I have no time for you."

If only she knew about my holy quest,

My answer would not leave her so depressed.

Almost home I see a man approach me,

His business attire already has me wanting to flee.

He shouts, "Sir I have something you desire."

Running away I say, "Leave me alone, you liar!"

There were plenty of fools all over this town,

Which had me puzzled why he displayed a frown.

Finally I arrived at my final destination,

Searching everywhere to find the location.

What seems to be hours with nothing in sight,

Until I notice a letter tanning in beams of light.

Quickly my hands sieze this and tear it apart,

But once read I can not help but grab my heart.

This is a world filled with good players,

Three people today heard of your prayers

An old man, a lady, and one in a suit,

Each with a job offer sweeter than fruit.

Whichever person you choose is up to you,

Just remember to help those that pray too.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I think it needs to be said that I do not believe in God, yet this writing would suggest otherwise. Hopefully the message is good and people will understand it.

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Crimson Gospel

Older stuff

So here, the sky always turns red

All the things rushing through my head

The triumphant sound of victory from afar

The way things use to be, the way things are

One smile, and your as good as done

No point in hiding, just go and run

Everyone dies sometimes, its all in fate

Death sometimes comes sooner, or maybe late

Some of us don't deserve it, some do

Life is demented, this is true

People stealing from others, things that count

Stealing them of their lives, its a huge amount

Sacrifice and suicide, two different things

Sacrifice to save another, that what it means

Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary wrong

You can wait out the pain, but for exactly how long?

Suicide is pointless, and its what I truly hate

People are willing to help, don't be an ingrate

Open up to others, and then you'll see

That all these burdens, are just in me.

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Surprise (song)

Oldies :)

You got dumped.
After me you never lasted with anyone.
I was stumped
With my guy.
So you and I figured we'd just "hang out" again.

The next day
You went out
Saying you just wanted us to be friends.
So I got
A new guy
But you and I will be together in the end.

We use each other for one reason or another
We try so hard not to fall but we just shouldn't bother.
Deep down you know you love me
And I just want to agree
But we'll never say it out loud.

You showed up
At my door
Just like you did just the day before
Get your bag
By the door
But I know you're wanting somethin' more.

We use each other for one reason or another
We try so hard not to fall but we just shouldn't bother.
Deep down you know you love me
And I just want to agree
But we'll never say it out loud.

We got dumped.
Now we're back together like yesterday.
Well we tried
But we both knew it wouldn't work anyway.

We use each other for one reason or another
We try so hard not to fall but we just shouldn't bother.
Deep down you know you love me
And I just want to agree
So let's just scream it out loud.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Heh, well, I had the inspiration...

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I come home

from a day of study

I get a call

from my best buddy

With a plan

to go out

"Yes" Happily

I shout

with an intrudence

from my Dad

I get a little mad

he did what he does best

Said "No"!

It's finally Friday

the end of the week

I go to my Dad

afraid to speak

Beg for a night

over my friends

with no thoughts

he simply ends

he did what he does best

Said "No".

It's the winter vaction

I want to have fun

So I approach my grandma

my favorite one

She hears me out

But sends me off

To my Dad I ask

with a cough

But of course he


Like everytime

He did what he does best

Said "No".

The summers is here

and I sit at home

With tears in my eyes

wondering where I went wrong

my Dad enters

with a huge smile

Says "Sherieke, how would you like

to go somewhere now

Spend time with

Your Pop on a cruise"

I said " sorry to be

so rude"

and I did what he does best

said "No".

Author's Notes/Comments: 

December 12,1999
This was inspired from my Father when he was being so strict while I was growing up.

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You (7-22-97)

I'm sitting here

Thinking of you

Thinking of things

We used to do

I'm sitting here

Missing you

Missing those things

We would do

I miss the times

that we had

Now you're gone

and left me sad

I think of the day that we met

And how things were set

You don't know how I need you

Without your touch

I feel sad and lonely

I feel Blue without you

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Love and Hate

Love and Hate

By Muriel Palanca

I love the way you look at me and you see someone else.

I hate the way I’d be next to you and you didn’t know how I felt.

I love the way I would bow my head so you wouldn’t see me cry.

I hate it when I see you smile, because I feel almost alive.

I love the way you watch me fall, but never hear me scream.

I hate the way you hold me close, just to find it was only a dream.

I love the way you pound the nails as I am crucified.

I hate that glimmer of undying hope as I look into your eyes.

I love the way you rape my soul into psychological damnation.

I hate the way you’d be the one to bring me to salvation.

I love the way you push me down, as I drown in my own tears.

I hate the way I think of us growing older through the years.

I love the way you’ve left me here because I’ve learned to be alone.

I hate that if the world would end, you’d be the one that I’d miss most.

I love the way you light the fire as I’m burning at the stake.

I hate the way I love you still though I knew my heart would break.

I love the way you make me bleed as I put the razor to my wrist.

I hate the way I’d die in your arms if only we could kiss.

I love the way you torture me with the hell you put me through.

I hate the way I’d give up heaven just to be with you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I actually wrote this poem while i was in church. I really like this because it's kinda ironic. And no matter how much you try not to love someone, no matter how much you try to hate never really works.

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