Eleventy Million Billion Trillionth of a Second & Fine Dining Where Our Hunger Stirs


and pinpointing out

forests in a single tree

for nouns are more accurately adjectives

recitable recipes

to coexist our tastes

postmarking posthaste

our navigated territories

elongated and exaggerated

artistic license plates

to brand our oceanic anonymity

and part ways like parting seas

splitting atoms in Big Bang reveille

tastebudding ticklishness

unearthly fetal galaxies


as our baby steps are most surely

someone else's giant leaps

ant hills moving mountains

as unaskable as our most precious questions

and unquestionable as our most precise answers

no one else for me to be

but me..

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Bryan Adam Tomimbang's picture

Artistically worded flavored with extraordinary spices that make the title palpable... Outstanding!