everything has turned

the shade

of a dream long


must i stay here

in my hand-held



by my good intentions?

narcissus says 'yes'

and i move along.

the edges have

begun to melt away.

no tape, nor glue,

nor staple,

nor sticky finger

could hold the

tapestry together.

is it really such

a shame, since

i never cared

for color?

narcissus says 'yes'

and i wait.

and wait.

and wait.





until comas have tired of waking.

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My heart lies torn on the floor,

thought that he didn't give a shit

but he's back to stomp some more

and its like a fucking fire's lit

under my heart

Thought he had done tearing it apart

but obviously I was wrong

and he IMs me on AIM singing a song

I Me Mine and all that load

Never thought he'd be that bold.

Then he says: Guess what now,

I never stopped liking you.

And this is supposed to help me how?

Never stopped liking you too

but I didn't break you,

I didn't shake you,

I didn't rip or rake at you.

I didn't ask for you to IM me.

Thought you hated me to the point

where all you saw was see-saw red.

Great, you've ripped at the scab

and left me to pick up the tab.

How am I supposed to feel?

Do you think that this is real

or is it a game to you?

Don't you know how I hail to you?

Don't you know how I think of you?

Feel about you?

Don't you give a shit?

You're the one who left me,

broke me, hell you're the one who hit.

and don't you see

and was so close to being able to

move on and now I have to deal with you

reel with you, God, I hate you

But I love you too

So I'm trapped. What's new?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written after Galen decided to pop back into my life for a brief time in a way that would make stalkers proud. 01/29/2003

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I would rather

Stuff (1)

i would rather

    be starved of your love

        Than ahve you lie about loving me

If you were being real

I know that

we would still be together

and i wouldn't be writing this..

I would rather your honesty

than your lies

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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Verdächtiger Umstand

Ich will raus

Ob Na Du

Oder Sa bin Sät Lure

Alles muss raus.



X-vier Sklaverei

Sohn des Man

Heim oder andere

Stadt teils.

Warum gibt es

so viel Hass?

Raus, raus

Alles muss raus.

So sagt der Hinweis.

Eben, daneben hilflos gejagt.

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Out of boredom one fine day

I Googled my name for play

And much to my surprise

I have lived out other lives

I don't remember much

Of the details and such

But I once was a photographer

And a world class oceanographer

And I must have long forgotten

When I drummed for Johnny Rotten

But what I then discovered

(And still have not recovered)

Horticulture was my game

When I lived it as a dame

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Amazing what you can find out about yourself on Google!

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crying,alone:laughing, rich


Around the corner

she stands



In the mansion

he sits



Around the corner

she sits



In the mansion

he stands



Around the corner

she looks up

a smile,

on her face

In the mansion

he faints

with tears still,

in his eyes

10 years later

around the corner

he stands



10 years later

In the mansion

she sits



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The Other Queue Moves Quicker

The other queue moves quicker

When you're in the next one along

Annoying tunes stick on your head

But you forget your favourite song

Your nose is always itching

When you've no hand to spare

That pen's been in your room all year

But when you need it, it’s not there.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The little things in life that really get to you...

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So Lucky

I began to laugh this morning

And the world did scowl at me

I'm so harshly treated, its hard to believe,

But I tell you, they're against me.

I have a full education

With opportunities most don't have

Oh, relieve me of this pain

God was so unfair when he gave me what I have,

A roof over my head, a family,

Food, warm clothing,

Friends, a life, little reason for strife.

But the worst thing He gave me

Was the ability to cry in self pity

At the injustice of the world,

When the injustice isn't on me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dripping with sarcasm, I know.

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Paper Queen

Her expertise in writing is an art.

To establish her prestige

She needs paper to start.

Her artistic talent is not showcased in clay,

Nor is wood carved for her art display;

No canvas is needed, for no paint needs to set-

Nothing more durable than a sheet of paper,

Unless her pen's ink is especially wet.

She needs stacks of paper daily

So she may perform her endless task,

And what else may that duty be but writing,

In case you were going to ask.

This paper queen has one concern:

Due to her voracious use of paper,

She knew she had to learn

Of a way to protect the trees

From which her paper comes

Since she used so much paper daily

Trees were destroyed in great sums.

She had a problem of balance,

The worth of nature versus mind,

And she has since been drafting daily

In a written attempt at a solution

Of this terrible problem to find.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Since brevity is the source of wit, I will be brief."- from Hamlet

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