The words I never got to say

I never got the chance

To tell you how I feel

The words I never said

About the love that was so real.

Anytime I said I hated you

I meant there is no one more

And When I told you to leave

I didnt mean out the door.

And When I said it was over

I meant it's just begun

I didnt mean what I said

Especially when I was "done."

For every tear I cried

And everytime I walked away

I hoped that you would follow

Grab my arm to make me stay.

I regret not saying I love you

I'm sorry I did what I did

I need you more than ever now

These are the words I never said.

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Only One Truth

What Jesus Christ did for you, no other religious leader could do,

And what He does in the eyes of all, will indeed, be their downfall.

For only Christ died for all men, while they were to be condemned,

And only He will be returning again, as Lord and Savior of all men.

Many people, in ignorance proclaim, a salvation in another’s name,

Exalting a man and his cause, that’s filled with many spiritual flaws.

If they’d only read God’s Word, they’d see Truth that they’ve heard,

The Eternal Truth, men need to fear, as God’s Judgment is so near.

Until then many others shall come, in the Name of God’s Only Son,

Depicting scripture in a different view, with a darker, religious skew.

But God has only one Revelation, One Truth that leads to salvation,

From His Only Son, Jesus Christ, in whom men receive Eternal Life.

There is another spirit, not of God, sent throughout this earthly sod,

And Satan’s the prince down here, deceiving men both far and near.

God’s Spirit is through Jesus Christ, who alone was God’s Sacrifice,

And He sends His Spirit to all of us, who in God have put their trust.

We were warned by God, in love, that not every spirit is from above,

And not to be by men deceived, when Truth, they have not received,

But, by His Spirit receive Truth, so, not to see God’s strong reproof,

And from all deception be set free, to live with God through Eternity.

(Copyright ©09/2008)

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The Irony Of A Pickle

I dropped a pickle

Now I'm sad

Cause that pickle

Was all I had

But now I'm glad

Cause that pickle

Was bad

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Child's Play

They call it “child at heart”

They call it immature

They call it cute and funny

They call it wrong

I call it simply Child’s play

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is in regaurds to things like baby talk and how a woman wants a mature guy but when he acts immature its cute but yet they say immaturity is wrong kind of a double edged sword.

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The budgit

The budgit The budgit

Such a funny thing

Is it a budgie that does that mathametical thing

Of punching the calculator keys

Or is it a parrot politician

Eating green ham and beans?

Green Ham and green beans

His toucanesque beak makes him look so inspired

Even though we all think he should be retired

Reticent, counting out cocoa beans

As the bean counter snake, an adder of course, balances the books

cook cooks the books

the books books that cook cooks

oh I’m going quite insane I wish I was on a plane flying in the sky on another plane…..

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The Budget, in the style of Dr. Seuss

my head hurts lol !!!

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The bad is in so many forms

The bad is tempting me

The bad is always coming back

The bad is ripping me apart

The good is harder to find

The good is deep in the heart

The good is always coming back

The good is pulling me through

The good and the bad are everywhere

The good and the bad are within me

The good and the bad are fighting

The good and the bad are hand in hand

   Living in the reality of duality

   Things are contrary that lead to inner rivalry

Darkness seems to be closing in

Darkness is a blind mind and soul

Darkness follows the weak

Darkness does definite damage

The light is what I search for

The light will help me see

The light is the path to follow

The light lets life linger

The light and darkness spread the cosmos

The light and darkness last for eons

The light and darkness are in a switch

The light and darkness happen real quick

   Living in the reality of duality

   Things are contrary that lead to inner rivalry

Anger is a by-product of fear

Anger hurts and depraves me

Anger leaves me in solitude

Anger results in utter chaos

Joy comes with confidence

Joy is the Almighty high

Joy surrounds me with multitudes

Joy brings the world and peace and love

Joy and anger are hard to balance

Joy and anger can come in surprise

Joy and anger are overwhelming

Joy and anger are in forms of action

   Living in the reality of duality

   Things are contrary that lead to inner rivalry

Demons steal, con, and lust

Demons feed on immorality

Demons possess those disloyal

Demons are the bringers of death

Angels protect, save, and heal

Angels thrive from virtues

Angels inhibit those with faith

Angels are miracles of life

Angels and demons are in science

Angels and demons are perplexing

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote on: May 29. 2007

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WhIcH iS wHiCh?

Sometimes it is,

Sometimes it's not,

Man is sometimes God,

Sometimes he is the devil,

Sometimes he is a blessing,

But at times he is a curse

A God-sent in some way,

And in some other the devil's incarnate.

This is the mystery of life,

That darkness could take the form of light,

And light could be obscured by darkness,

The sheep suddenly rows,

And the Lions baaaaa,

But how do I know?

How do I perceive aforehand?

That this is that and that is this,

To see the morphing of the lion,

or the metamophosis of the sheep?

I now lay at the mercy of them all

Hoping that in their hunger

They'd also consider their prey.

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Hateful Things!

These things make me groan:

That letter from the tax-man

The halved maggot in my apple core

The heat wave with the broken fan

And my key, broken, in the door

Other things make me quite irate:

The cold silence in lieu of a fight

The unused ticket for the train I missed

The brooding female mosquito’s bite

That look you give, when I come home pissed

Some things I just cannot relish:

Three day dead fish

Those photos taken, as we were wed

That roach found in my soup dish

The night alone in our big bed

But these things I really hate:

The bigot and his monolog

The candidate at my door

Any man who kicks my dog

Or calls my wife a whore

I could list a great deal more

Adding hateful things to my long score

But what did I forget?

Which item will I soon regret?

Ah yes, the mother in law!

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how some see me

my poems

no masks
no facades
no disorders
no illnesses
nothings wrong
i am an achiever
i am talented
and strong
all the issues
and all the drama
can never reach the true me
im not messed up
im not disfunctional
9i am a strong
with a wonderful life ahead of me
i am a sucessful person
who will not except anything less

(but thats just how some people see me. even though its not the real me.)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i was told to write this poem as if i idealized myself which lets face it i don't


Comments and feedback welcome

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