(T. Beechey)

It was gray and overcast when he came passing through

I thought he'd simply go on past like most people do

That's what the kind ones do,but they're an endangered race

Usually,they fling puppy poo right into my face

So,I was apprehensive as this stranger neared

Did he have something to give or was he to be feared?

I thought about running and hiding and staying safely hid

But something deep inside told me to wait and so I did

The stranger smiled,said "Hello",and then he shook my hand

And I thought,it's been a while since one tried to understand

I felt the tears form in my eyes as his hand I shook and shook

And I thought about the fall and rise my situation took

It hadn't always been this way,I used to have a life

Then came that fateful day when my children and my wife

Left me and I lost my job,the house fell to disrepair

And I became a worthless slob cause I no longer cared

He said,"I don't know your story but I've been in your shoes

"You don't need me feeling sorry,so I'll give you happy news."

He handed me a business card and a ticket for the bus

He said,"I promise I'll try hard to make you part of us."

A part of what? I didn't know but it sounded really good!

Maybe,at last,I'd be able to go away from this neighborhood

To live a life of luxury without a worry in the world...

I was so excited to see what the stranger would unfurl!

All that night I couldn't sleep,I'd just toss and turn

What was the promise he would keep and how much would I earn?

As the sun began to rise,I stumbled out the door

So tired I couldn't keep my eyes hardly opened any more

"You'll never make it," said a voice which echoed in my brain

"It was such a stupid choice for you to try and remain

"Wide awake when you could have slept cause now your fate is sealed!

"The bus will leave and you'll be kept fom having the promise revealed!"

At the bus stop,I waited while leaned against a pole

If I sat down,sleep waited to fully assume control

An hour passed then one more,then three and four and five

It's then I began to snore and that's when the bus arrived

While I slept,I dreamed about having everything I need

No longer having to fret or doubt or having to beg and plead

I could stand on my own two feet and hold my head up high

As I proudly walked down the street wearing a suit and tie

But no one bothered to wake me,they left me leaning there

Then some guy tried to break me in half with a metal chair

Repeatedly,he pegged me in the ribs and on the head

I managed to murmur,"I beg thee! Just leave me for dead!"

And that's how he left me,literally beaten to a pulp

When they wheeled me into Emergency,all I could do was gulp

My arms and legs were broken,both my eyes were black

And my rib cage was poking not in front,but out in back

I woke up three days later inside a hospital room

Hooked up to a respirator and completely filled with gloom

Standing over me was that stranger who gave the business card

"I promise you lots of danger," he said,"and to be forever scarred."

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