Play Me A Song

(Verse 1)

C Sittin' outside on a Wednesday night 

Am Playing my guitar in the dim porch light 

Dm Out and about all the kids and teens 

G Saying trick or treat cause it's Halloween


C Here comes a bunch of kids bags full of candy 

Am I throw it their way and they smile glady 

DmThen up comes a guy with dreads 

G He smiles at me looks me in the eye and Am says


(Chorus) (X2)

C He said play me a song song song song 

Am Play me something from the heart 

Dm Bar He said play me a song song song song 

G Play me alittle something with soul 

C He said play me a song song song song 

Am Music is my favorite form of art 

Dm He said play me a song song song song 

G Come on make me feel at home 


(Verse 2)

I see your hips are swayin' to the music that I'm playin'

Shuffulin' your feet cause your movin' to the beat 

Like Bob Marley yeah we're jammin' we're jammin'

Listen to the music cause it's slammin' it's slammin'


C It's alright Am it's okay 

Am Bar I feel the music deep within my G heart

C Listen to the music Am I play 

Dm Bar Me and my music we will never G part 



Am When he said play me a song he looked me dead in the eye 

G Swayin' to the music no he wasn't even shy 

Yeah playing music really makes me feel whole 

Like Eminem man he just lost control 

Me on guitar and my heart is the drummer

He said yo that beat is hot like Jamaica in the summer

Like Rihanna we clink our glasses together and say cheers 

And he's wishin' he cold go back to his youthful years

Checking out his watch time really does fly

And it's getting pretty late so it's time to say bye

I say have a nice night as we finally part ways 

He looks at me and says that he wishes he could stay 

In this moment forever just feeling carefree

Dancing to feel good music with people like me 


(Chorus) (X2)

And now we sing...


Ay Ay Ay Ay

Ay Ay Ay Ay Ay Ay

Ay Ay Ay Ay

Ay Ay Ay Ay Ay Ay

Drowned's picture

I like this

I like this song it has alot of feeling and i would enjoy listening to this and i know my friends would to :)

ThatSingerSongwritergirl's picture

Thanks! Your kinds words are

Thanks! Your kinds words are well appreciated! :-)

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Liked The Uniqueness of:

", song, song, song..." I can hear that in a recorded song on the radio or from an album - nice riff and an excellent bridge. Happy is in there and a jingle easy to remember and sing asing sing sing long. ~allets~