Kitchen Blessing (016)

Is my kitchen
Be healed, be happy
Let go your bitchin'


Come take part
Of food
Of drink
Share in laughter
Pause to think


Make a spell
Take one if need
Rest all travelers
And do take heed...


To all who enter
With harm in mind
Baneful action
Returns three times
In kind


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Seasons In Hell

"One season, let it confound another...!" ~ 19th Key.

CCumulus accumulation, Schwarze Sonne looms ominous
World serpent by many names slithers 'round the globe
Ouroboros Jörmungandr shifts the seasonal wheel*
Brimstone keys into the Void of The Abyss
Lilith, Samael, coalesce, Baphomet enthroned
The Gates are open and Hell arise, Lucifer's Evil Eye
Black Shadows across the land possessing flesh & mind, earth & sky
Candles & inferalight, cast the dreaded signs
Wicked words, nightmares & dreams
Warlocks, Witches unite!
Daemonic storms & Devil Winds
Hellfire & Cloven Hooves
Quake the earth asunder!

* Pima, wan, mon, Tetraskelion, nkontim.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In Nomine Satanas, Potentiam Inferus!

Rev. Blackthorne

Invernal Equinox

Seasons In Hell

In the gloom, Hellemental Daemon Gods loom, stirring by Ouroboros' tide, The land is plush from pluvial ablution, on Drægon wings, the blessings of Lucifer and Leviathan have brought the storms on hellwinds, and so they shall continue coursing refreshing rivers and streams, soaking richly into the black earth, emerging verdant, as she sups deeply of the goblet aplenty.

The Magic is Strong & True, unholy water asperged. Construction of Destruction, Seasons confounded to find balance, in chaos order is tempered, by bolts through angles resplendent! Sinister seeds have taken root, from the cavernous abyss, the flowers of Evil emerge.

Deviltails strike as demonwhips, the earth cracks in its wake, wherein The Sorcerer has lain the thorny staff. The shadow of Satan grows, possessing, far and wide. As above, so below! So it is and ever shall be! Ave Satanas!

In Nomine Satanas,

~ Rev. Blackthorne

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Upon an Apotheosis night, was The Spell cast, to bring forth the rains to replenish the land. And so the hellements stirred in flux, one season blending with another, storm after storm, destruction and contruction, that the scales be balanced. The atmosphere tranforms like the environment, to preserve favorable conditions. And so it is.

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Echoes In The Darkness

Seasons In Hell

Still night 'neath Walpurgismoon, an unseen visitor parts The Gate

till night 'neath Walpurgismoon, an unseen visitor parts The Gate
On Hexennacht, brings the Zephyrs from hellfires on western horizon
Devil Winds howl, shaking The House, swirling whirlwinds of draegon wings...

Let The Sorceries begin!

Echoes in The Darkness, incantations, invocations
Candlelight & incense, the Bells of Hell resound!
Satan is here! ... again ...

Covens gather upon this Sabbath Nyte
Lilith perched atop the basilisk
Sacrificial Feast of The Beast
Hellmouth devours all

Let the celebrations begin!

Dreamons awake in Witches' dreams to dance in founts of Lust
Flown on staves at mountains peak, descending 'round the pillar tines
By horns & thorns Abyss arise, Impaled on passion's bliss!

Welcome Forces of Darkness, make yourselves at home
I in thee & thee in I, we are one in the same... forever! ∞

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Soon before performance of Walpurgis Rite, there was a strange noise outside. Upon inspection, I witnessed the metal gate was OPEN. The winds were not strong enough to initiate it opening, having to force the latch to be taught. Upon utilizing the process of elimination, it can be determined that this event may have a supernatural cause. Given the night of occurrence {Walpurgisnacht}, it is therefore determined that this is SATAN paying a visit! The like has occured before at other locations as well. This is a confirmation of manifestation.

{Parapsychology: Echoes in the darkness. "Egregore projection" deriving from shadowside subconscious balanced with conscious. Shadowside reflection / daemonic energy directed force, paranormal expectation, anthropomorphized, formed or formless; inner sentience æthyric refraction}

Also, shortly after that, a whirlwind whipped about the domicile from a still night, shaking the windows and trembling the walls. A demonic zephyr to confirm the previous event! After which it was still again. Thank you, and Hail SATAN!

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Satanic Unholydays

Seasons In Hell

Seasons In Hell celebrations. Rite references from Dracomeroth unless otherwise noted. Ideally, all celebrations include cake & orgies!

Grande Celebrations & High UnHolydays for gatherings and High Sorcery.

  • I. NATIVITY: One's own Nativity celebration. {Rite of Nativity, Infernal Apotheosis} / Also includes days of observation towards notable & de-facto individuals demonstrating Satanic principles throughout history.
  • II. AUTUMN EQUINOX: Harvest Feastevil / Feast of The Beast {Hellemental Mass}
  • III. HELLOWEEN: Harvest Feastevil of The Beast / "Satan's Birthday" / Veneration of The Shadow / Infernal Communion / Necromancy {Hallow Rite}
  • IV. WINTER SOLSTICE: Season Lucifer. Satanalia, Yule Feastevil of Winter Demon KrampuSatan Claus {Hellemental Mass, Homage To Tchort [TSB]}; may range from Krampusnacht - Winter Solstice}
  • V. SPRING EQUINOX: Season Leviathan {Hellemental Mass}
  • VI. AESTASOLSTICE: Season Satan {Hellemental Mass}
  • VII. WALPURGISNACHT: Foundation of The Church of Satan. Forces of Darkness, Daemonic energy increases. {Walpurgisnacht Rite}


  • VIII. FRIDAY THE 13th: Medieval & blasphemous, sacrilegious themes. {L'Air Epais, The Satanic Bible} 13 Dracommendations | On Friday the 13th... | Mind Traps | 
  • IX. FULL, BLACK, BLOOD MOONS: Full moon or lust/love spells, Black moon for Hexes & Death Curses, Blood Moon for all + Infernal Apotheosis.
  • X. SOLAR / LUNAR ECLIPSES: All. Infernal Apotheosis. Particularly potent & psychodramatically stimulating. Potent Shadow energy to draw from to increase Magic.
  • XI. PLANETARY ALIGNMENTS: All. Infernal Apotheosis. Study particular Grimoire designations for specific daemons, sigilization, & purposes of empowerment & attainment. Potent energy to draw from to increase Magic.
  • XII. PERSONAL: Birthdays for loved ones, Weddings, Baptisms, Funerals {see Dracomeroth, The Satanic Rituals, Scriptures}, Accomplishments, secular holidays for relatives & selfish acquisition.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Seasons In Hell celebrations. Rite references from Dracomeroth unless otherwise noted. Ideally, all celebrations include cake & orgies!


Seasons In Hell


blackdragon_acrosticHelloween contains 9 letters, The Devil's Number - Witches & Warlocks unleash omnipotent spells with words of Power - the sacrifices have been presented of their own accord, as we delight in ridding Satan's Earth of deserving vermin such as they. 

Nymphs and Satyrs have arisen to fan the hellflames of Lust & debauchery, dancing madly in the kundalini rush of Life & Death, the Incubus & Succubus have flown therefrom to possess the minds and bodies of those seeking release to emerge empowered & enraptured of passion's thrall.

Upon cobblestone skulls we see the Trapezoidal Throne there lit by sulfurous plumes flanking, and glowing the heads of those impaled. A procession there adjoining to receive Infernal Blessings in a morbid pageant of joy unending.

The Night gaunts call! Nightmares emerge to become as one! The Shadows possess one and all! 

Shemhamforash! Hail SATAN!

In Nomine Satanas,

Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
The Haunted Noctuary, Infernal Empire, Black Earth
31 October LIII Anno Satanas

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another year of Infernality & sinful rapture assured, Unholy Communion partaken in pleasures & delights of the flesh, sacrifices placed in their graves, the Grande Samhain Sabbat a legendary one, Sorcery smoldering, Dread Rites to open The Gates unleashing the Hellemental Daemons from nature within & around, one complementing the other, the masks of Satan overshadowing the moon and mind, evoking nightmares come alive! Presided over by Baphomet, illuminating Satan's Throne in POWER UNENDING. 


Autumnal Equinox LIII

Seasons In Hell




Season Belial

The Devil's Covens gather forth at The Gates of Hell to reap the pleasures of previous spells...

Demon Winds, Dragon Wings, the colors of The Abyss upon flora & fauna cascading upon leaves strewn from tentacle vines & bloodthorned branches, as spiderweb veils gently dances. The faces of Satan interchanging with The harvest Moon, the wondrous sights and sounds of the season of gloom. Shadows stretch, The Hands of Doom. 

The Throne of Satan darkens the land with enchantment & mystery, pleasures & treasures possessed with ghoulish delight! 

Draegon Ouroboros sheds & turns another cycle of timelessness. 

Mighty Belial there calls forth in bestial rapport, hooves splitting rock, carving paths with Hellfire from cavernous Brimstone Pits, receive the triple mark of sulfurous plume! 

In Nomine Satanas,

Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
22 September, LIII
Noctuary, Infernal Empire

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Echo of a shadow

Echo of a shadow

By jfarrell


I am just the echo of a shadow;

Out of the night I jump at you,

Translucent, ghostly faces,

The mist caught by the moonlight.

The body that wore this face,

Long dead.


As the breeze moves amongst the leaves,

You hear my cries of joy,

Howls of frustration,

Cries of torment and agony.

The voice that sang my words,

Long silent.


Condemned a witch and sentenced to burn,

Here, where you stand,

I am long turned to dust

Part of the very ground beneath you.

My soul, that burns for revenge,

Still burns.


I am the echo of the shadow;

The shadow that dwells within your soul.

You are here because I call to you,

Blood of my blood, through the ages.

I surrender to you my witchcraft, my magic,

Now, go forth and unleash my vengeance.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

loved NIN's "copy of a copy"

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Author's Notes/Comments: 

H is for Hellfire, Jack O' Lantern's light
A is for Absinthe, sipped with delight
L is for Lucifer, gleaming with pride
L is for Lust, bonefires burn bright
O is for Occult, the dark of the mind
W is for Warlock & Witch, spells cast tonight
E is for 'Evil'*, living with might!
E is for Eldritch, mysterious sights
N is for Netherworld, The Gates opened wide!

* "Live" spelled backwards.