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 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


Just remember you're not alone

I know how you feel

My heart was once stone

One day your heart I will capture

It I will not steal

Your heart I won't rapture

Your wounds I'll heal


Your tears I will dry

Your fears I'll take away

I promise we'll get by

I promise we'll make it to the next day

I promise our hearts will fly

Just promise you'll stay


Our hearts will join as one 

Come take a walk with me 

My tears weigh a ton

Lets set our minds and feelings free

To face my fear I have won

Lets have people see 

We're having all the fun 

Our relationship will remain

Our love will forever be 



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I may add more to this one. I don't feel it's complete.

*Winter Is (Now) Part 2*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


Winter is loving 

Winter is cold

Winter is for the young

And for the old 

Winter is awesome

For this is true

Because we've been told

Winter is for me 

Winter is for you 

Winter is for every family

Families big and small

And ones that have their own crew


Winter but only comes once a year

Not in spring or fall

But it only comes in the coldest days of winter 

You know when it's near 

The birds fly away

And when you wake up It's freezing outside

But you go out anyway In the snow to play

Build a fort....Sit there....Wait and hide

For the one who will get hit by your snowball

Will try to get you by the end of the day

So make sure to duck and get away

Make sure to have alot of ammo placed by

And once again sit quietly and pray

This time you'll get your shot

And not miss or you'll hurt your pride

But of course once again you miss

You try again and hit your target on spot

You have your ultimate bliss

He got hit with a snowball on the side of his head

By your little sis

You give her a high five

And jump for joy

And are glad you got him while you're alive

This year you finally got the boy


Winter is so much fun

But for now I'm heading in to get warm

And my boots feel like a ton

From all the snow that got inside

We have to hurry

Because here comes another storm

The clouds look dark,puffy,and wide

Yay! It's begining to flurry


Winter is loving

And I am cold and wet from the snow

I really don't like shoveling

You didn't care to hear before

But now you know

The fun events of today

In my diary I will store

So say good-bye to the bitterness of winter

Set it free

It's never a bore 


Winter has a charm

The best part 

Is when we have our first snow

It's so gorgeous outside

It brings warmth to your heart

From the sun It's all white and so much glitter

Not a snow flake misplaced 

It's just prettier


On our way to get on our sled 

Down the hill we slide

You won't want to miss the fun

Family all by your side 

Memories....holding on to each one 


Winter is loving

Winter is cold

Winter is only here for a little while 

So for now I'm going to enjoy

Sit back and watch it fall with a smile 



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I Love Holidays:

Seasonal Holidays:


Greece has always been a country I wished to visit: the history and ancient architexture of this country; would be lovely to tour.

If I was visiting Greece I think I should like to attend some of their ancient plays. Their literature is as relevent today, as when the plays, were originarliy written : many thousands of years ago. Which is where my imagination comes into play.

The very comfortable hotel I stayed at; was organizing a trip out to an evening of Greek plays and literature. I was so excited I could barely eat the prepared buffett, on this evening.

I attended the Greek literature theater and was amazed how well the play was acted. Music filled the air also, the earthy natural sounds of the musical instruments made the unravelling drama more authentic.

Greece one of our European countries that helped keep the beacon's of civilization alive through it's entire spectrum of life. Later other European countries made a great contribution to the civilized life in Europes as well. 

The Greeks being some of the earliest people to explore and innovate the sciences as well as art, theater, music, language and also science and technology that brought the star's  in the heavens closer.

With stories to go with their discoveries and future exploration.

The natural beauty of island monuments and in conjuction with modern day Greece's buildings; grasps at the viewers attention and your mind is drawn to the captivating sight of the crystal clear blue sea.

Sea life darted here and there, perfectly at home and intricately designed to fit in with the coastal and coral environment. This perfect harmony of life and environment was glorious to view.

During the evenings we had occassion, to enjoy the Hotel's night life: traditional dancing and folklore entertainers and of course some of the modern day popular Greek  music and  a film night; where we watched some of the latest American movies.

It would be really lovely to visit Greece again one day. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I love holidays. What's your favourite holiday?

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*Summers Memory*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


Two birds just chillin on a telephone wire

Chirpin amoung themselves

I want to take that picture

And put it on my shelf

The closeness of these love birds is a thing to admire


Watching a butterfly on a flower

So beautiful but fragile it would disappear

With a heavy breeze

She hides during a summers shower

This all has put me in a trance like freeze


I do not want the day to end

As I look towards the sky

It reminds me of the calming seas

All the different shades I capture

I want to be a bird

To beable to fly

To get so close to the views

Up so high in that tree

Looking down below

Enjoying all the movement

Making memorys of summers scent

So no thinking of snow


Laying in the cut grass on the ground

Bees buzzing collecting their food

Enjoying the summers sound

Of a birds beautiful but sweet melody of a song

At this moment my stress is free

I'm in the greatest of moods

Nothing can go wrong

Just laying here lazy as can be 

Just enjoying the nature around me 


The warmth of the sun

Wraps me with its rays

The cool breeze through my hair

Watching the kids having fun

Ahhh these are the perfect days

All I do is smile and take a picture to share


Making new friends 

Swimming in the pool

Children make pretend

While playing at the park

Summer truely does rule

Can't wait for the fireworks after dark

We are so not ready for school 


I could enjoy summer all year long

The heat of the sun

Will always out beat the cold 

Summertime makes me feel strong

Winter time if you hear me "Stay away!"

Don't make the day turn wrong 

Never even come another day


Shorts T-shirts and ice cream

Flowers suns warmth and summertime 

Spending eachday in a summers day dream

Smelling fresh cut lemons

And listening to the wind chimes


Summers memory

Will be stuck in my mind

For when winter comes around

But for now I will enjoy what I find

In summertimes loving sound



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Can't wait for summer :-)

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*You Say It Best When You Say Nothing At All*


  Trisha Barrek Hopkins


Your kiss says it all

Your touch tells me 

You'll catch me if I fall

Your stare lets me see

That you'll never forget to call


Sweety you say it best 

When you say nothing at all

But I must be certain not to make a mistake

To make sure I can put my fears to rest 

I'm still going to wait to let my heart awake

For I promised myself I would not hurt again

And for me to do that I must not feel

For true love is not pretend

I got to make sure your heart is real


But with you the one sent from above

From the bluest skies of heaven

I have a feeling... with you I could fall in love

Because You say it best

When you stare with your eyes

When you touch me so gently and nice

When you hold me under the starlit skies

When you say more then twice

I know you truely mean it from your heart

And whenever I start to cry

You will surely be the first one there

To gently wipe it away from my eyes


I tell no lies

When I tell you my heart skips a beat

When I have you by my side

I really can't wait because next to you I have a perminate seat

And when that time comes when I can truely trust

The way I feel I won't hide

Now I know its a definate must


Even through my body may shake a little bit

You holding me will calm me down

I want to be the one in control

On top I want to sit

After you remove my night gown

As we listen to our favorite hit

As we start to make love

We bothcan feel it...Together.. a perfect fit


You say it best

When you say nothing at all

Your own person your won soul

You're finally not like the rest

Making you mine is my goal

In love with me someday you;ll fall

But now lets just have fun and play

For we both are having a blast

Our true feelings lets share another day

Right now I just want to try

To make you forget your past

In every possible way

Let them bad memories pass you by


My love you say it best

When you say nothing

You express with no words at all

Just let there between us be something

And remember when you want some fun

You know who to call



My Grandfathers Toys


Monday through Sunday at any given hour me and my cousins would be expecting our grandfather to drop by and give us some new toys. From water guns, to action figures that stick to windows, to light up pens with musical tunes, we could always expect to get a new toy from my grandfather. I could see him as a modern Santa Clause driving in an old white Toyota overflowing with games and toys of every shape and color on the back and front seats, on the floor and even on the panel. Every time he came over to my house, even though he knew the answer, he would ask me if I wanted a toy. And every time I would say “yes!” With an excitement that made my blood run faster. He would go back to his “magic car”, as I used to call it, and he would bring back two options from which I had to choose. He would have both toys in either one of his hands and had them behind his back. He would first tell me to choose a hand, I could hear the cracking plastic that would protect them from getting any damage, then he would give me the toy that corresponded to either the right or left side but then I would ask for both toys, because I knew he would normally give me both, and he would say I will give you the other one under the condition that you give me a hug and a kiss. Of course I would agree to the terms and end up with two new toys. I can’t remember a day that I didn't see him smiling, I had never seen him mad or sad, never with a frown, only smiles were allowed within his expressions. All of his joy was reflected on the quantity of toys that he had accumulated in his car. The funny thing is that the toys that he gave us would always break a few hours after playing with them. They were Mexican toys which meant colourful and fun but made with a very bad quality. Those toys were more than pieces of colourful plastic, they were physical demonstrations of love and care which he knew that they will make us happy. My grandfather loved to play with us and he was very good with his hands. He would sometimes even make wood toys for us like tops or rocking horses and in special occasions he would buy us fireworks or video games. My grandfather loves me and my cousins and he loves to give more than to receive. He is a great man and a better role model.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This prose poem was inspired by my grandfather go loved me and all of my family very much. 

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Fun/Free time

Sometimes people wonder why

Madness is a bad thing

It could be why we talk to each other

Like we all are crazy but that's how we connect

Easy as that we are all crazy, thats how this world is formed


Author's Notes/Comments: 

being not normal is sometimes a good thing. Some people can find people that are like them, but most of the time we think they are crazy. they are but thats what makes them different.

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Cunts in Clogs

Queer, and Canned--

Cluck, cluck, cluck

Come on Computers


Today In The News

Atrractive beautician captures dragon eggs. 

Festival grandma humbs idol Jew. 

Killer lizards nom majestically on pubescent queen. 

Restive secretary treats underserved veteran.

Western xtra-terrestrial yanks zebratail.

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