Enjoying a shower, before work as I do. 
I noticed a movement that gave me a boo. 
Wiping suds from my eyes I looked at the shape. 
‘twas a small spider that ran up the drape. 
At first I wanted to reach for my slipper, 
To deliver the fiend a lash like a whipper, 
But I changed my mind as you can probably tell. 
I have a good heart, I'm not going to hell. 
For you see this little fellow chose a poor place to dwell. 
To me a loo is an insect's death knell. 
Now I know that technically an insect he's not, 
But for the purpose of rhyme let's assume I'm not taught. 
A bathroom to most is preferably lifeless. 
And to many a tenant this fact is quite priceless. 
There is nothing for him to catch in his nets. 
And feed him I'll not, he's not one of my pets. 
So run along now with a hop and a skip. 
Before my wife wakes by the sound of the blip. 
She finds your kind particularly iffy. 
And she’s due to wake up within the next jiffy. 
If she sees you in here you'll give her a shocker. 
She'll kill you and flush you

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Awesome work. I really like this. Spiders not so much. My wife loves them however. Great work.