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Greece has always been a country I wished to visit: the history and ancient architexture of this country; would be lovely to tour.

If I was visiting Greece I think I should like to attend some of their ancient plays. Their literature is as relevent today, as when the plays, were originarliy written : many thousands of years ago. Which is where my imagination comes into play.

The very comfortable hotel I stayed at; was organizing a trip out to an evening of Greek plays and literature. I was so excited I could barely eat the prepared buffett, on this evening.

I attended the Greek literature theater and was amazed how well the play was acted. Music filled the air also, the earthy natural sounds of the musical instruments made the unravelling drama more authentic.

Greece one of our European countries that helped keep the beacon's of civilization alive through it's entire spectrum of life. Later other European countries made a great contribution to the civilized life in Europes as well. 

The Greeks being some of the earliest people to explore and innovate the sciences as well as art, theater, music, language and also science and technology that brought the star's  in the heavens closer.

With stories to go with their discoveries and future exploration.

The natural beauty of island monuments and in conjuction with modern day Greece's buildings; grasps at the viewers attention and your mind is drawn to the captivating sight of the crystal clear blue sea.

Sea life darted here and there, perfectly at home and intricately designed to fit in with the coastal and coral environment. This perfect harmony of life and environment was glorious to view.

During the evenings we had occassion, to enjoy the Hotel's night life: traditional dancing and folklore entertainers and of course some of the modern day popular Greek  music and  a film night; where we watched some of the latest American movies.

It would be really lovely to visit Greece again one day. 

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