Completly Free

Don't want to be locked inside my head again.

I want to rome free;

free of all his needs

free of everything

I want to leave my conscious mind,

I want to leave it all the time.

I want to rome free,

free of everything.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

What you will find
in time
this conscious mind,
will be divine.

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I can hold you in my fantasies


how do I speak now

I have forgotten how

was I real before you

I don't have a clue

I wish you could be mine

you are always on my mind

I want to hold you close

I love you but no one knows


I see your face and I'm happy

how I wish you would hold me

I know I can't have you and thats okay

cause just being wih you makes my day

you and I will be together in my fantasies

my love for you consumes me like a disease

but when I get back to reality

I realize there will never be

a you and me

how do I look into your eyes and not see

how breathtakingly beautiful you are to me

how can I find my world when your not here

being without you leaves me with fear

empty my heart is till you fill it again

your not mine but I guess I can pretend

the most beautiful fantasy is us together

and in my heart you will stay forever


I love you but I'm not asking you to love me

I want you but I promise I will let you be

because all I want is for you to be happy

so I will let you go though it won't be easy


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#18- "Fantasy Escape"

If you wanted to

Could your heart be true?

Are you afraid of death?

Afraid to take your last breath?

Change your point of view,

Because it's time to try something new.

I wish you well.

I'm not afraid of this living Hell.

I'm in it everyday,

And I'm gonna make those bastards pay!

I run away to my dreams,

And harness up the team.

Gallop of into the stars,

I don' know if I can make it too far.

But we will last.

It's time to bury the past.

Everything's gonna be alright

If I can only fall asleep tonight.

We've only just begun.

The best is yet to come.

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I dim my sight

Imagine your breath


the hairs of my chest

With eyes clasped shut

I embrace thoughts

of times past

which never came to pass

I heard you say

you'd never leave this

Nuzzled close

to stave the sorrow

Eyes open, caressing silence

I lie here, stuck in the morrow

I still grasp for

a time to come

far from my fingers

out of reach

Your breasts swim

upon my sea of skin

Ride the current

Drown in warmth

Then you slink

beneath the velvet


your mane across my face

My fingers

slide to stem the tide


from your tear spout

I smile, and you respond in kind

clad in my touch, stripped of doubt

The eyes of Janus

gaze this past

fixed on

this flickering future

The two poles meld


as they bleed into

something else;

the memories

of time spent


enshrined from reality

seduced by this realm chemical;

this life unlived, chimerical...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Wouldn't it be so nice to have something so real, you wouldn't have to live at all?"

                   - Harry

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Dream Lover

She comes to me

Like an ethereal mist,

I am enthralled by her grace,

She invites me to a trist,

As my heart begins to race.

Her hair silvered

In the glow of the moon,

A body delivered,

To make one swoon.

I stand to go

As she beckons me,

And I know

I should flee.

Her power is great

As her body undulates.

Her diaphanous gown separates,

Revealing soft curves to sate.

The power of lust luring me to my doom,

I step over the edge

Plummeting down, down, down,

Eminent death looms.

I awaken with a start,

Look over at the woman,

Who had won my heart.

I realize it was just a dream

As I crash to my death

A blood curdling scream.

By huck hickson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The old mind wandered again and my muse took over the keyboard.

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Fresh Fiction

I wonder if writing alone is ever lonely?

To ponder is to partner.

To illuminate is to lighten

a dark background with smudges.

Do you see what I see? It doesn't matter!

In seeing you, too, discover

either the dream of your own making

or the reflected images of a shadow maker.

Does a monster live under the bed?

Is heaven filled with flowers?

Do unicorns graze in uninterrupted silence?

Is the library open after hours?

I cannot lie,for truth is born from imagination.

Fiction is a pseudonym for

original expression.

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As the night sky wears the moon as its pendant,

You hold me so close, so tight,

As I stare at your face and lie in your strong embrace

You remind me of a rose in plain sight.

As I listen to your soft-toned voice, you pull me even closer

So near that I can hear the sound of your heart beat.

You then kiss me ever so tenderly on the cheek

And I begin to feel your heat.

I can smell the sweet incense in the dense air

As I look into the dark pools of your eyes,

I can see our future together as one,

Living our long and wonderful lives.

The smiling moon shines brilliantly into the dimly lit room

As though the Heavens approved of our being together,

The night so radiant as if they too were smiling down upon us,

And blessing us with a life as one forever.

My love for you is eternal,

And you feel the same way for me, so it seems

But what makes my heart and soul ache the most,

Is that this reality is only in my dreams. . .

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another love poem... if only that reality wasn't only in my dreams...

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365 pt. II

Extended Poetry

I enclose a smile

In this dusty envelope

To your lonely boney mind

Hickory Dickory Dock

They live inside the clock

Waiting for the hours to strike

Like hammers down

To hurt your head

And make you over think

They live inside the gears

Patience isn't born into them all

They are stuck inside their boredoms

Struck by all anticipations

I'm dumbstruck

By the drizzle of time

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Untitled X

You can't graze by the same cloud twice

For they never seem to stay

Oh, drift away the day

How do clouds fly without wings?

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