I can hold you in my fantasies


how do I speak now

I have forgotten how

was I real before you

I don't have a clue

I wish you could be mine

you are always on my mind

I want to hold you close

I love you but no one knows


I see your face and I'm happy

how I wish you would hold me

I know I can't have you and thats okay

cause just being wih you makes my day

you and I will be together in my fantasies

my love for you consumes me like a disease

but when I get back to reality

I realize there will never be

a you and me

how do I look into your eyes and not see

how breathtakingly beautiful you are to me

how can I find my world when your not here

being without you leaves me with fear

empty my heart is till you fill it again

your not mine but I guess I can pretend

the most beautiful fantasy is us together

and in my heart you will stay forever


I love you but I'm not asking you to love me

I want you but I promise I will let you be

because all I want is for you to be happy

so I will let you go though it won't be easy


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i really like this poem, it reflects the feelings of lovng something you may never have and knowing the truth is reality.