I dim my sight

Imagine your breath


the hairs of my chest

With eyes clasped shut

I embrace thoughts

of times past

which never came to pass

I heard you say

you'd never leave this

Nuzzled close

to stave the sorrow

Eyes open, caressing silence

I lie here, stuck in the morrow

I still grasp for

a time to come

far from my fingers

out of reach

Your breasts swim

upon my sea of skin

Ride the current

Drown in warmth

Then you slink

beneath the velvet


your mane across my face

My fingers

slide to stem the tide


from your tear spout

I smile, and you respond in kind

clad in my touch, stripped of doubt

The eyes of Janus

gaze this past

fixed on

this flickering future

The two poles meld


as they bleed into

something else;

the memories

of time spent


enshrined from reality

seduced by this realm chemical;

this life unlived, chimerical...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Wouldn't it be so nice to have something so real, you wouldn't have to live at all?"

                   - Harry

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