Early Writings

We search for life

Along miles and miles of desolation.

Sorting through kites of blind action

As we sleep in the attic amongst the stars

We point at ourselves

We question our love of our lives

My still frowning smile

My ethers tragic

We spread our map of time

Like butter upon bread

Dusting off the past

We nestle in our beds

As we lull our past

We kiss our velver future, stroke our infant

Caressing her yawn, our little fawn

From dusk till dawn

Hiding in our twilight, so bright

Slumbering away our lives, we dilly dally through

Dancing in the soot, sleeping with the stars

Stuck inside a lullaby

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Living in the Clouds

Early Writings

Living...In the sky, looking down upon the horizon

Not sustaining to the troubles of the land below... the clouds

I pray to thee...ever burning furry sky

Ascend me, kiss me, mend me

I want to live in my paintings, my clouds...

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Crab Appels

A swordfish bite from you, smears on my face from all the loathing lonesomes, pouring wholesomes, rancid boredoms,

I am...

Sitting under this elbow tree, picking all the dandleposies

wondering what the crab apples stare at, wondering why they cry for apathym why they insist I castrate my legs

It's time to stop blaming streetlights, and blame the street you're on.

You can drown

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365 pt. I

Extended Poetry

Hickory Dickory Dock

Come and fix the clock

To move the squeaky wheels

Carrying time so fast

Through snow and grey

It travels like a locomotive

Whether you tag along or not

Time buzzes on

Life lives on

Blod or shy

By and by

Five weeks to cry

Have buzzed away with me

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What Fantasy Brings

From the very top of my oil-sheen laidened braids,

    to the very bottom of my clean-cut burnt tan feet

            moves a shiverin',

                   a shudder,

                    and a shake

              of this pre-manhood body.


      Mmmmmm......the humidity of this muggy Carolina

                            sun-chocked air

                           got me jonzin',

                          got me achin',

                         and I say it got me thankin'......

                     'bout doin' some thangs that'll have me

                       thankin' 'bout these same thangs long

                        after I've done these thangs with a

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A guilty pleasure on a sultry June night.

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Sweet Dreams

Close your eyes.

I’m waiting for you;

closer than you know,

one dream away.

Don’t worry, you’ll be safe here.

Come to me tonight,

and I’ll let you in.

Sleep now,

I’ll meet you there.

Forget your life.

Escape to my reverie.

Enter into my world.

Sweet dreams.

Dawn lingers near,

burning through your refuge,

bringing you to life

Are you ready to wake up?

I’ll be here when you get back;

I will never leave you.

See you tonight,

in your sweetest dreams

Open your eyes;

a new beginning

Return to reality.

Don’t forget me.

I’ll still be here

to meet you in your dreams.

Light begins to fade .

Darkness envelops you.

I see you falling and I reach for you.

Take my hand;

There’s no need to be afraid,

I won’t let go

Is that a tear?

Please don’t cry.

Sleep now,

I’ll meet you there

Forget your life.

Escape to my reverie.

Enter into my world.

Sweet dreams.

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Could it be you?

All life’s journeys must come to an end

And the roads you travel you won’t return again

But along the way someone special you’ll meet

Could it be you? Would you make me complete?

Every night I sleep with you on my mine

Wondering why? Why this girl I find?

Should I compare to those from before?

Will she do the same? Will she do much more?

There are no words that could ever explain

Why for so long I have been in pain

With this love in my heart I can’t seem to share

Could it be you?  Would you really care?

My life I lived in one big dream

With laughter and love, Oh! What a scene!

Now you are here, my heart is relieved

Could it be you? The reason I believed?

Could it be you that was meant for me?

Or is it just me wanting you to be?

Do you know? Are you really sure?

Let’s just try, see what’s behind the door.

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One Man's Dream

The many miles

That separates us

Only adds to my

Delirious lust

Wishing each night

On a distant star

Someday soon

You won’t be that far

Along the beach

We would stroll

Arms in arm

As we embrace the cold

Hoping to find

A wonderful view

Lay a Blanquette

For just us two

The words I’ll whisper

In your ears

Will make you shiver

Bring you to tears

And as we lay

Together in glory

Only the moon

Could tell our story

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What I Would Wish For

Within the wishful mind I hold,

Resigns a wish that's yet foretold.

An inkling itching to be released.

A pain.  A joy.  A time thus ceased.

A power through imagination.

A strength that's given through creation.

The Devil's brew or God's new will?

A wish I wish for all time still.

A shift of form.  A shift of fate.

A shift of all I can relate.

A slip through time, then time rewrite,

The names of all that brought the plight.

Wings birthing through my shoulder blades.

With one command the clouds evade,

Satan’s angel and God's proud eyes,

Evade the child in the skies.

Claws that grow, and fangs so fierce.

A scaly tail and demonic ears.

Blackened through the aura around,

Sensitive to both the light and sound.

Wake the dead, I'll hear my father.

Rest in peace, but yet another,

Thought crosses through the ancient book.,

The past, I'll have another look.

With spells and potions at my whim,

My powers great, I'm next to Him.

A lower part of heavens, divine,

But still the shift is forever mine.

A witch or sorceress, that's my wish.

To see the world upon a dish.

To morph as all my will desires.

To light aflame with icy fires.

I'll not be God, but the next best thing.

A quiet specter that nightfall brings.

The martyr, my soul, will always be forgotten.

As will be my fate, my wish begotten.

Lost to family, love, and friends.

To see the world begin and end.

With power all too great to hold,

And yet a lonely story told.

So that's my wish with an immortal touch.

A wish who's doom is in Grief's clutch.

To conjure spirits with my hand,

And forever wonder the desert land.

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