Old Man in the Park. A Pregunta.

Old Man why do you walk so slow?

To give me time to see the flowers grow.

Old Man why do you stop and linger?

To listen to the birds, natures singer'

Old man why do you smile as lovers walk past?

I remember my youth which passed so fast.

Old Man what is your wish for the world today?

That people love people, stop wars without delay,

Old Man who is that Lady by your side?

My wife now nearly seventy years a bride.

Old Man, sometimes you look sad, then smile!

Come walk with us, share our dreams, down the last enchanted mile.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Memories of seventy years married

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Promises and Suggestive Plans

Late at night, as dreams blow in on the breeze,

in silence I create indecent plays

starring you and I- a passionate craze.

Some call it obscene, dirty thoughts like these.

In protest I enjoy illicit ways:

creating sweet moments and lost in your haze-

frantic, high on this ritual to please.

Improper, perhaps, who cares what is right

as I use all our senses to explore:

Conjuring these thoughts may go on all night.

Furious, yet sweet, a sensual fight.

Take it away and I'm begging for more.

In for a ride with what I have in store.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written for my boyfriend, Jeremy, one night as I was missing him...
missing him. :P

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On the top of a gray mountain sits a high Castle keep

Where a red dragon guarding my fair princess sleeps

She sits alone in the highest tower you see

And dreams of a day when she'll finally be free

I gather my armor and mount my fair steed

Sheathing my sword in case it I need

Stallion's hooves like thunder as we race on our way

And do not stop until night turns to day

When we arrive a fierce battle takes place

The knight and dragon fight face to face

Finally the great lizard falls to the ground

And I pull my sword from the motionless mound

Gathering my lady with a passionate kiss

We ride into the sunset, dizzy in bliss

For how good would a story truly be

Without the ending where everyone's happy?

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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(A ten word challenge poem)

You promised me so many things

My heart rested in yours so true

I didn’t even know what this meant

But I just believe that you love me too

It was all in the way you handle yourself

And the many things that you've done for me

That makes me wants to crown you mine

Forever and you know this so well by now too

So please don’t joke about this and tinker

With my heart now, it would tear, you bet.

You captivate my life with all your kindness and

Make me feel so special like a movie star in a set

When you touch my skin at night in the way you do

Oh you know that you make me feel just as good too

Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000



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White heaven

From your white sheets,

To your white smiles,

Everything felt perfect and you never looked so beautiful.

White walls and white pure love.

We were barely dressed but we still dressed in white.

And we laughed and we kissed and we laughed some more.

The cleanest white I have ever seen,

Your white cat was laying right next to us.

The sunlight pouring in from your white window made it easy on my eyes.

And your white curtains are moving from the wind that use to bury me.

Our legs twist and tangled in a certain symmetry.

And I'm sure that this has got to be heaven.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

where are you? i need you.

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"Fantasize"   5 - 21 - 06

the light is dim, wherever i am

i feel so safe yet exposed to you

pillows of love cushion and support

lighten my load, slacken my muscles

and put me at a state of ease

as you drift into my reach

i cannot raise a single hand

you've bound me with your passion

my heart now racing like a fever

boiling away my fear and inhibitions

steaming my view and blurring my mind

i'm holding onto all that we are

i'm waking up

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A hot breath upon skin

My back against the wall

I'm pressed in a pin

At Katy Mills Mall

People walk on by

Don't seem to have a care

I'm trapped by this guy

But I'm enjoying this affair

His lips touch my chest

My breath grows slow

I keep calm to my best

So my thrill doesn't show

His eyes look up to mine

I bite my lip a bit

His body begins a decline

My thighs start to split

I look down to see his face

He is licking his lips

I?m watching the surrounding space

He gradually works toward my hips

His fingers lightly touch

Against a wet spot of mine

Him doing as such

Had finished his design

My body grows weak

But he gets up and stops

And used that technique

Then my body drops

His charisma had lurked

And tapped into my thrill

His seduction had worked

I'm in his calling will

Inspired by: My fantasy

Dedicated to: Who ever finds a need for it?

Created on: February 23, 2006 - 21:30

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Grind your hips into mine

And make our bodies intertwine

Whisper my name into my ear

Make me groan and persevere

Kiss my lips and fondle my breasts

And put my moaning to the test

Bang real hard and push real deep

Because tonight we won’t sleep

Bite my neck and draw some blood

Bite me hard you big ol’ stud!

Spank my ass and tie me up

Pinch my small nipple C cup

Twist it some and make me beg

Then I want you to take my leg

Slowly penetrate my virginity

Making us grow in affinity

Start real slow increase as we go

Hearing my moans in a soft little “oh”

Then fuck me real hard fuck me real fast

Fuck me in a way that won’t be surpassed

Up against a wall

Or in my school hall

In the shower

Thrusting all power

Closer and closer to the climax we get

Both of our bodies pouring with sweat

A final scream I holler out your name

My body’s movement becomes hard to tame

My body gets tense my breaths runs still

Finally I’ve climbed up that hill

Another big slam with your huge cock

Surging my muscles another shock

I hear you groan as you pull out and smile

The long wait we made was worth the while

You fucked me hard you fucked my fast

Thanks for making my first time a blast!

Inspired by: Gareth Quick

Created on: 2004

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Notice the category is FANTASY meaning I'm STILL a virgin lol

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Fairy Tale Struggles

Fairy tales never did seem true in my eyes

the stories of the princes

riding on white horse

to save a princess, or damsel

in distress, where simply absurd

I at last gave up on kissing frogs

who, instead of becoming handsome princes

became mean gruesome beasts

who only craved me

for what their male instincts desired

The heartbreak they caused drove me to

lock my heart in a dark tower

with no entrance and no exit

so nobody could ever hurt me again

and I would live safely

Now a prince desires my poor heart

but the tower will not let it go.

I cannot break these strong walls

they do not want to finally break

so I can love once again

The only way I can be free

of this safe loneliness is if

my prince will break the towers walls

of heartache with kind and loving

acts to make me ready to love

I hope my prince cares enough to

break these horrible walls so I

can finally take the risk of

loving again and take my place

on that white horse in the sunset

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