Dreams of Love

Dumb Love

The lake was glass,

smooth and clear.

Sky lit with lights

from the city across.

Stars beaming bright,

peaceful quiet

beautiful night.

A place to think,

to hide, me shelter.

Just my boyfriends and I,

invisible to all

except the night

and the diamonds high.

Our wondrous refuge.

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The Beast In The Attic

The beast in the attic makes its presence known

By lumbering across like a bear, full grown.

I hear it snort and snuffle at any odd hour

Especially at night, when my thoughts are sour.

Is that smell imagined, or does it exist?

I should think that the flies just cannot resist.

So far it's not harmed me. It has stayed up there

Content to drag around its bulk in its lair.

I don't dare take action. I don't want to view

The thing of nightmares, of day horrors too.

So I don't dare explore, or stop up a hole

In case I trap it in, and am its next goal.

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If Only We Could

I picked up my graphite pencil

And carefully deepened the tones

In certain key spots of my old drawing,

And as I did so, pleased with improvements,

It occurred to me...

That if only we could do such,

As easily, with our own lives

How happy and beautiful they would be.

Alter the sharpness, blend tones here and there

Bring back some balance

Patterns and rhythms corrected

Repetition of just the good

Erase the errors and refine the lines

Pick out the best details to well emphasize

...If only we could.

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here we are just you and I

if I couldn't touch you I believe I would die

my hand lays so softly upon your jeans clad leg

you can't help but see in my eyes that I'm prepared to beg

but what about all those uncovered lies

do not each our heads make just one malcontent mind

you and me what an unlikely pair

If I ever needed you though I know you would be right there

and on my part my fond friend the same goes here


( early high school)

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one, two, three, four

daddy, daddy, please, no more

do you love me? I love you

but my dreams are not so good

when I dream of you

lying face down in a pond

with a rusted bullet in your head

when I see you in my dreams

I know that you are dead

your life is so very hectic and scary

while mine is electric and merry

all the things you've been through

all the torture you've had to face

all for the American suicidal race

daddy, daddy, must this go on

It's also unfair

its just a put on

why do they run you like a puppet on a string

do they enjoy moving the strings to make you dance

It's not fair for someone with your skill

living just to kill

one, two, three, four

daddy, daddy,


no more...........

(written Jan 12,1984)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written after watching some Disney adventure story.

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(Spanish Poem)

De cualquier manera tu vives tus fantasيas,tu existir...

،tu eres tan eterno,una visiَn del cielo!

un picaflor de sueٌos como no hay ningْn otro,

eres un cazador de corazones en busca de amores siempre.

En la constelaciَn tan bella del universo en que tu habitas,

tu figura clasica se demuestra clara por el cielo,

eres como uno de esos dioses eternos del Olimpo,

invitلndome a pensar y a soٌar mلs en cosas que no entiendo.

Cabalgando sin rumbo cierto atrلs tu huellas depositas,

en  todo sitio que tu decides ir  y que tu vienes,

la luna y las estrellas te besan y te esparcen su dulzura,

el sol y Cupيdo se vuelven tan celosos cuando miran tu belleza,

،Tu eres eterno como la noche,eres un satiro lascivo colmado de besos y de fuego!

para ti cazar con tu flecha es mلs que un pasatiempo y un juego,

montando vas de prisa pero...a veces te detienes por un rato,

observas bien tu mundo,apuntas tu dardo con cuidado y lo lanzas hacia el cielo con amor!!!

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Silent Love

Have you ever been silently in love

With someone you can never have?

So close you can touch her hand

Yet, so far to feel her heart?

Have you ever lived in pretense

Quietly loving without any condition?

A feeling of love that's unknown

Hiding it, not knowing for how long.

Have you ever fallen deeply

Loving the person unconditionally?

So afraid to say what you feel

Acting normal, keeping things still.

Have you ever been hurt unintentionally

But put on a smile, pretended to be happy?

Deep inside you're in pain and suffering

But outside you're jolly and laughing.

Why does holding her hand feel so right?

Your heart smiles everytime she's at sight

Hearing her sweet voice makes your day

Hope you can hug her in a special way.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sometimes the hope longs to touch the skies and dreams rise up to fearful heights. But the heart recognises the mirage.

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My Passions

Lonely and tired in my dark prison

I weep, for what, I know not

My tears have become countless

The footsteps below, echoing like thundering hooves.

The sun has set so many times I've lost count

How many days have passed?

Looking beyond the window, hoping to see him.

Salvation waiting just beyond the crest of time.

Feeling as though age is catching up,

Alone, waiting.

Hoof beats racing towards the highest point, steady and determined.

Rushing to the window, tripping on my tattered gown.

In the sweet breath of dawn, He rides.

Winds of change blowing strong and true.

Favor caressing the fate of this haggered soul.

Leaping on the wings of faith, Falling to uncertin destiny.

A hold untamed, and securly founded.

Screams of demons echoing in the soon to be distance.

Freed from the Tower of Darkness.

Heroic measures unsurmountable, welcomed.

A Prince of Giving, and a Man of Truest Love.

My Hero, Lover, Knight in Shining Armour

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I Follow

My Thoughts

My loneliness has lead me here to a point of no return

I'll walk to the bridge and let myself go

The air brushes back my hair and I feel the rush of a lack of fear

As the ice cold water surrounds me the ball and chain seduce me down

I follow were they lead

Although it's hard to keep the pace I'll be the winner of the race

Crown me the victor or make me the knight cause I've been through hell

To get to this point I was brought in and set to flames

The mocking was deafening and the laughter pierced me

Through my wrists and feet crucifing me to a cross

And as I felt my breath fade the darkness flooded my eyes

Hitting the river bottom semiconscience and in a daze

I prayed with the Fish as friends and the Current for my priest

I asked Him to take me some place other than far away

I asked Him to break me free of my ball and chain

And as I floated to the surface free of the weight of the past

I felt a surge of light shine on my whipped scarred back

Highlighting every old mistake I never made

Showing every wound healed that once guided me here

Free of hate but full of remission I filled my lungs with air

Swam to the bank where the Trees held their ground

Pulled myself ashore walked a new path of life

I found a new faith and the Current lead my way

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is about finding the missing piece in your life, whatever it may be. This is about religion for me. ("Keep searching!")

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