Close Your Eyes

Close Your Eyes

Close your eyes and take my hand

And set your visions free

Go deeper than you ever planned

And share the things I see

A picture with no limits

No borders there to find

The places that I seek  

Are so many in my mind

A mountain valley late at night

Ablaze by moonlit snow

Its silent brightness oh so bright

Burn deeply in my soul

The blueness of the ocean tide

It’s colors fill my eyes

A brilliant colored evening

As sunset fills the sky

Yes close your eyes and take my hand

And set your visions free

Go deeper than you ever planned

And share the things I see

When distance takes me away

I'm never really gone

Just close your eyes and see through mine

The early morning's dawn

A robin floating in the air

Upon the evening breeze

So many things to share

If you close your eyes and see

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I Am The Moon

Love and Dreams

As lonely day

becomes our night

I consider her again and again

as against the thin pane

the cold winter rain

plays a syncopated tune

that all could hear o?er heartbeats

but not the cold  jealous moon.

"And why the moon",

Say you to me,

"Should he show such jealousy?"

It is because his charm and grace

Have grown accustomed to a face

That looks up at night with dreaming eyes

And from her lips a whispered sigh

But the rain!

Forever beating down

Causing clouds with darkened frown

To hide the view of what he seeks

Oh for just the smallest peek!

But inside the lady waits

before the fire she contemplates

and thinks of dreams silly and fine

Of past, present and future times

And the moon alone in the dark

Must wait another night

For tonight the clouds have taken away

his most loving and precious sight.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written for a friend that knew how to open a door.

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Midnight Lover


                 Candles lit about me

                    warming glow

            Silk and satin against my skin

                    so delicate

              Naked as a babe just born

                   the beginning

                His heat next to me

                   his nearness

        A hand stroking and exploring my body

                  evil sensations

                  Lips upon lips

               a butterfly's touch

                 Kisses and licks

                     so wet

             Caresses my secret place

                  Please more

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i was acttually reading a mystery novel when i came up with this,lol.but if any guy reads this, this is what i want.. lets just say its a fantasy/dream/hope/love type thing....

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Viva Forever

if only you could hear the voices...

calling you, come out and play

we'll be your friend on this special day

the voices are calling me,

help me please...

the voices are calling me,

bringing me to my knees

friends talking to me in the still of the night

confusing from what's wrong or right

the voices are calling me,

where do they come from

they're calling me,

into their blurry and magical kingdom

my friends the voices tell me to be

right here, waiting, to invite thee

come out and play..

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I want to fly

And dance with you

And soar so free

I want to find

That place

Between sleep

And awake

Where I can be me

And we can be and do

And see all

There is to see

To be more honest

Then even now

And I will


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Tea With The Poets



Last night, while I lay sleeping,
I had me quite a wondrous dream.
I was having tea, with the poets,
-The ones I hold, in highest esteem.

Whitman, nibbling a lady finger, asked,
'Do you too, Madam, partake of the write?
I quietly answered, 'I'd like to think so, Sir.
But nothing that would over excite.'

Poe looked up, from behind his China cup,
'What's this? Don't sell yourself so short!
Be confident in your abilities, my Dear.'
Was his stern, but soft-spoken retort.

Longfellow then chimmed on in,
'We've been reading some of your work.
My Lady, you have, an ink-flow talent.'
He said, with a kind and gentle smirk.


Thoreau, who sat there, stoic, spoke,

'I too feel, you are blessed with favor.

So look not behind, but off far ahead,

And let never your, passions waiver.'


I sat there quite amazed at all this,
And it must have shown up in my eyes.
For Emily, sweet Emily, spoke up then,
'Why do you look so taken aback, so surprised?'

'We all were once, you see, just like you-
Lacking needed confidence, in ourselves.
But we kept right on, trying and penning,
Now our volumes and books, line many shelves.'

Everyone nodded, in their agreement.
Then Whitman gently took my hand.
'Have faith, my dear, in this gift you have,
And your prospects are certain to expand.'

I sat there with watery, grateful eyes,
For their words, as always, touched me so.
They finished their tea and promptly stood.
It was time for them to go.

I thanked them all for their wisened wisdom,
And for their works, I've so always enjoyed.
They filled in me, the empty place of my confidence,
That had always been missing-always devoid.

They faded away then, there in a mist-
These great poets, so very supreme.
Then I awoke, to six, empty tea cups.
Had it really all been just...a dream?

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Solitary Dreams

I often dream of you at times like this,

when solitude and silence fill my soul,

for fantasies abound, beyond control,

of deep caresses, touching you, a kiss.

When rain falls soft and lulls a fervid mind,

astray within erotic webs of thought,

I drift to fancied places often sought,

where dreams and wistful images combine.

In reoccurring fantasies we touch,

when skin meets skin as hungry lips seek lips,

and ardent hands pull close impatient hips,

entwining arms and legs in passion’s clutch.

I daydream oft’, whenever we’re apart,

when solitude and silence fill my  heart.

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At last, the day has returned,

Somberly, carrying the night on his back,

Holding still fast, all the stars at night

As she made him her pledge!

Forever to be part of the sun

As the light despatches,

All his rays to the day

To keep her warm every night...

As he released them with sweet kisses

All the way to the stars,

While the moon rewaxes her glowing face

And send it back, to the Sun!

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The day at last has returned

Somberly carrying  the night on his back,

Still holding fast, all the stars of the night

As she made him a pledge

To be forever part of the sun,

As the light despatches

All the day moribund

Rays to keep her alive every night,

As he released them with little kisses

Playfully,  all the way to the stars,

While the moon is waxing her glowing face,

And sending it back to the Sun!

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