#18- "Fantasy Escape"

If you wanted to

Could your heart be true?

Are you afraid of death?

Afraid to take your last breath?

Change your point of view,

Because it's time to try something new.

I wish you well.

I'm not afraid of this living Hell.

I'm in it everyday,

And I'm gonna make those bastards pay!

I run away to my dreams,

And harness up the team.

Gallop of into the stars,

I don' know if I can make it too far.

But we will last.

It's time to bury the past.

Everything's gonna be alright

If I can only fall asleep tonight.

We've only just begun.

The best is yet to come.

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Amber Nicholl's picture

Really like the part about not being afraid of this living Hell. Oh and psychology is awesome, it's my major. Keep writing, it's good stuff.